The Livingtree Trick or Treat Hunt


My friend Marianne McCann blogged about a Halloween event she is involved with and mentioned it on various social media so I thought “Let’s draw some traffic to my blog with it!” and asked her to send details to me.

Over the last year we’ve done a fair amount of updating to the island, including a full revision of the texture tutorial to reflect current texture standards in Second Life, and two refreshed forest areas. Plus, of course, all of our various store products!

With it being Hallowe’en time, we’ve decided to give you a little bit of a trick or treat hunt. You can find eight cauldrons spread through the island. You can see what they look like in the picture above. They’re all over the island, but none of them are too hard to spot.

All of the goods presented were made especially for this hunt, and are not currently available anywhere else inworld.

The cauldrons will be available until the end of the month, so don’t delay. We hope to see you on Livingtree (SLurl) soon!

If you aren’t familiar with Livingtree, the region is worth exploring even without the lure of seasonal prizes. It is home to Marianne’s store, Pygar Bu’s shop, and the grid-wide famous tutorials by Robin Sojourner Wood plus her store, too. The scenery is seasonal so visiting several times a year means you’ll regularly find new vistas and fun activities.

Building Still Matters


One my Alts was out checking old landmarks she had when she found a full-perms shop and a nice shelf that could be used as a wall-mounted standing desk. Being a well-trained Alt she bought the item for me as a gift and I got to putting it in my cabin. The L$95 cost was cheap considering what it might cost to upload such a unit.

If I could upload such a unit. I still have near zero skills when it comes to creating mesh so I’ve gone from an avid builder to an avid buy-and-rez consumer. But the old skills are still valuable. This desk is a case in point.

Resizing: This most basic of skills is still beyond some people. In a world where many items are outlandishly large compared to Real Life counterparts, most items need some tweaking. This item needed to fit a specific space.

Linking and Changing Physics: Knowing that a prim’s Physics Shape Type can be changed to affect the Land Impact (LI) of an item and how linking prims together changes this, too, is of great benefit. Linking the computer to the desk reduced overall LI, but I knew that linking in the cookies, cocoa, and stir fry (the latter items partially concealed in the picture above) would increase the LI, so I didn’t link them to the general build. An anti-fatigue mat at the bottom didn’t affect the LI but adding it means that copies of the final build will always rez at the proper height for the embedded animation. This is old-school skill.

Scripting: Over the years I’ve been able to learn enough about scripts that I can do very simple modifications to very simple scripts, but when I wanted to add a pose to the desk so a poseball wasn’t, needed things got a bit tricky. After searching about how to handle rotations to a pose via a script and remembering rather late that such adjustments would be easier if I used basic prim-handling skills, I finally got it right. Knowing enough about scrips and having some search skills were helpful.

In the end, I have a desk that no one else has, fit to my purpose and well-functioning. A buy-and-rez consumer would profit from learning a bit because building still matter.

Zany Zen Railroad


From the Zany Zen Railroad (ZZR) Events Board:

The ZZR is amazing to see in every season….if you have only seen it once than you aren’t getting the whole picture. On October 1st the warmth of Summer along with its blessings of sunshine and its curse of mosquitoes goes bye bye for a few months. Autumn comes on the 1st of October and a foliage tour will make you think of warm apple cider, crisp fall days, and cool nights.

The ZZR is always a friendly place, great for the whole family, but in October things get a bit ghoulish. October 18th to November 1st the spirits come alive and join in to make your time here a most enjoyable one. You never know who or even what you may end up seeing. Its a bloody good time for all and will leave you screaming for another ride.

Tracks to Trenches week is November 6 – 14th and will feature two World War 1 era trains as they haul goods to the troops. Young and old alike will want to see this special remembrance of World War 1. It is a solemn tribute to those that were touched by the grip of such a time and is not to be missed.

We bid a fond farewell to the slight chill in the air and welcome in Winter on December 6th. Wear your most comfy and warm clothes as you take a trip on the ZZR after Jack Frost pays a visit. The chill in the air is just the thing to inspire romance too. Bring your honey along with you for a trip and they will cuddle close to stay warm while travelling through the three sims.

December 15 through January 6 Santa makes his annual trip to the ZZR. Have you been a good boy or girl this year? Santa knows for sure so you better watch out. Come ride the train into a winter wonderland with Santa waiting at the end for those brave enough to sit on his lap. There is also hot cocoa to keep you warm so be sure not to miss this event.

Of course, the scenery is pleasant all year long and the ride is always a great way to spend time with friends, loved ones, or even by yourself. Crop in at the main station (SLurl) sometime!

Hot Bay City Nights 2016

Hot Bay City Nights 2016


Marianne McCann
Bay City Alliance

Second Life® event features vintage automakers.
BAY CITY, SL (18 August 2016) – Celebrating Bay City’s mid-century theme as well as its vast network of roadways, the “Hot Bay City Nights” event in Second Life® showcase vehicle makers who create automobiles from the Bay City “theme era,” stretching from 1940 to 1965.

The event is held in the the Bay City Fairgrounds, in the North Channel region, from the 20-27th of August to present the best in vintage and retro vehicles. Each designer is hand-picked, and presents great road vehicles for use in Second Life.

Additional events will provide plenty for all to do, including the crowning of 2016s Miss Bay City on the 27th, and a series of virtual car washes for charity. The first of these virtual car washes will be held on Sunday, 21 August at 1:00 p.m. SLT

The event will raise funds for Child’s Play Charity, an organization that provides toys and games for children in hospitals around the world. Bay City is a silver-level sponsor of Child’s Play.

Bay City is a mainland community, developed by Linden Lab™ and home to the Bay City Alliance. The Bay City Alliance was founded in 2008 to promote the Bay City regions of Second Life™ and provide a venue for Bay City Residents and other interested parties to socialize and network. It is now the largest Bay city group, and home to most Residents of Bay City.

For more information, contact: Marianne McCann

Why I Need A Bigger Monitor

Screen Shot 2016-08-11 at 10.34.43 AM

Every day I’m happy with my 27″ Retina iMac. The only time I’m not super happy with it is when I’m using Second Life. Partly, it’s the performance. Cheaper Windows machines have better performance in SL – Ask anyone. Despite growing up on Winows, though, I find the Mac far more intuitive, more reliable, and the 5K resolution is astounding with the right source.

My iPad Mini4 sits near my keyboard so I can keep up with the one game I to play or to watch a video, read the news, or whatnot. That alone has made me wish for a second big monitor or a much wider screen on the iMac. When someone has me open a URL from inside the SL viewer an external browser pops up blocking Second Life. There is a solution, but that’s where a very wide monitor would come into play.

Screen Shot 2016-08-11 at 10.34.16 AM

Apple’s tile screen option is cool and I use it often, but not with SL. As you can see, it is useable, but not practical compared to the full screen shot at the top of this post. A much wider screen is needed for that. Of course, I could use the iPad as a second Monitor – one cable and done – but then I’d need another one for the same thing I use it for now.

What I really need is a full augmented reality VR setup so I can just look around and there are screens everywhere like in the Zion city defense center in the third Matrix movie. Surely a spike in the skull would be worth it. Bring it on!

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