What’s In My Closet: Elleria Witch

Without spending a single $L, I think I made a fabulous avatar for Halloween 2017. Most of the costume is from the Elleria avatar found in the Linden Library at the bottom of your Inventory window, but here’s the details:


Note the pet bat. It is from a different Linden avatar. The Lumae skin is as important to the ensemble as the Linden avatar pieces as this close-up GIF shows:


Someone saw me hovering last night and commented “You scared me up there!” so, kudos to the Linden AO. Halloween hasn’t impressed me much the last few years. I just can’t get into it any more. But this avatar impresses me. Many thanks to Pico Mole, River Mole, and Exotic Mole for a great starter avatar. And thanks to Lumae for the upgrade.

Topless Tuesday For Ever

Topless Tuesday Ever 2017-10-24 C

Click to embiggen on Flickr at https://flic.kr/p/ZGHNUq

Ever Dreamscape was one of the most fiercely independent and outspoken women I’ve known and I can’t help but wonder what form her outrage over the recent Hollywood sexual harassment issues would take. After much thought I believe that like me she’d adopt a “Fuck ’em, but not in the way they want” attitude.

Sexual harassment is a violation of civil liberties; devaluing another because of who they are for one’s own gain. Any gender can sexually harass – even same gender – but primarily, it seems, men hate on women. Yes, hate. A complete lack of respect and a denial of dignity.

When I started my crusade for Topless Tuesday it was to show that men and women are not on equal footing. Women are often devalued by being denied the same rights. Men can be sans-shirt in places women cannot be, but why?

“The weaker sex can be taken advantage of! We must protect them!”

“Fuck you!” I say. The subtext is that men cannot control themselves. Grow up (or grow a pair?) and see women as fully-functional members of society. Give us our due dignity and rights.

It is time women fought back. We talk to each other, you know. We tell each other who YOU are. For too long we’ve left the battle at just passing information. It is time we stand up for what is right and fight back.

It is time for men to stand up, too, and let women have our rights. Let us be topless if we wish and for the goddess’s sake, let us have the same respect all humans deserve.

Topless Tuesday Police

I would like to thank Bay City’s Chief of Police, T.J. Hooker (really) his service to our fair city and for not arresting me for this picture.

The police station is in a G-rated sim, Edgartown, and per The Lab, I shouldn’t be topless there while any male avatar isn’t so restricted. This is discrimination but really, I shouldn’t have been there.

What? Uccie agreeing with the No Boobies Rule? Yes. T.J. set up this great build as a role play (RP) environment. As with the rest of Bay City, the 40s-60s era isn’t really suited to topless women. While I’m ready to muck about most of Bay City topless, I do try to respect the wishes of others so don’t expect me to be semi-nude at the station again, unless I’m being arrested.

Hey, T.J.! There’s an idea for an RP for yah ….

Topless Tuesday Vacation

Happy Topless Tuesday!


Topless Tuesday 23 May 2017

Click to see the image embiggened on Flickr.


A few days vacation in (so called) Real Life means I have time to just relax in Second Life for a bit. Having received a boat as a gift, I’ve been cruising the Blake Sea and parked at Siren’s Isle for today’s picture. Yes, the region does allow topless women but not all the places I visited were Mature rated so I broke the law a few times.

One of my plans while off work is to visit the real life USS Albacore, a retired submarine in nearby Portsmouth, NH. Legally, I could be topless while visiting, subject to arrest only if a disturbance breaks out or if asked to leave by the group that runs the facility (it is privately owned, I believe). Men can visit sans shirt, too, though they aren’t likely to be escorted off. But I’ll likely go with a sweatshirt as I’ll be alone and I’m still not confident enough to be bold around people in the flesh, so to speak. When some of the area’s various topless protests happen this Summer, though, I’m of a mind to go.