What’s in My Closet: A Demon

Once again I got involved, perhaps a bit too heavily this time, in creating an outfit, though this time totally without clothes! Since receiving my SLink Hourglass Body from my wife, I’ve been creating dressable versions with each of the skins I have so I can quickly switch back and forth. The Lumae Jewel Naamah skin (available only in-world) automatically made me think demon/devil/succubus so over time I’ve been tweaking from a basic form with self-made horns, fancy ears, and then some. Yesterday, I think I reached peak tweak.


The pointy ears are gone, but a nice set of Bento demon wings from [ATOMIC] and a Bento tail (also a gift from Angela) by [M.O.R.] really make the set.

Here is most of what is in this outfit (lipstick and a couple alpha layers aren’t shown), though the pictures in this post show a skirt and a pair of ankle boots.





Click any image to see it embiggened on Flickr.

The wings are nicely animated and while a bit finicky, the tail is well-animated, too. The tail and the animator are separate so I can have a bento kitty tail (from Ange, of course) on my Neko avatar. I might feature that sometime soon.

What’s in My Closet: A Corset

As has been mentioned, I have two pair of jeans in Real Life, two pair of comfy sneakers, several pair of Crocs, one pair of boots, eight work shirts (between two jobs), one dress (for funerals), plus various T-shirts and sweatshirts. A pretty light closet. In Second Life, I’m a clothes horse. Hardly a week goes by I don’t buy something. If there’s a special occasion, I often spend a day shopping. My Inventory has some 30+ pair of boots because of this. And don’t get me started on hair styles.

It is rare, though, that I spend a lot of time on just one outfit, carefully selecting each element of the look and swapping out each item several times individually and in combinations so things are just right. Then I do it again the next day. Last December was the most recent time I did this (see here) but compared to the outfit below, that was a walk in the park.


Corset Set

This image is embiggened on Flickr.


It started with the Insanya Corset. Fat Packs are seldom my choice, but this piece is so good I splurged so I could get all the colors. It comes with fitted mesh pasties, a nice bonus. Then I added some leather pants, trying each of my four pair, but that seemed too easy. Then I tried all my skirts, finishing with the Blueberry Kyla mini with straps. The first configuration was with my Maitreya mesh body, but this kinda outfit requires Go Big or Go Home, so I switched to my SLink Hourglass body. That meant the calf-high boots I really liked had to go, but the KC Zephora thigh-highs work almost as nicely.

Then I messed around with makeups and jewelry, nothing super special, though the Trilobyte cuffs look good and I had to get a new collar (Hartgummi). My wedding ring and a Magellan Detector Ring round out the set with Angelle 50mm hoop earrings.

Of course, the skin is a favorite, Lumae‘s Adore Aegean. I tried nearly every hair style I have, the Dura-Boy 63 two tone being the best, though not the last I tried. It matched the coloring I set on the corset, skirt belt and panties, and on the boots. Changing this color will be easy and I’m sure my wife will love seeing this outfit in purple.

What’s in My Closet: Blue in Red

As is my habit, before logging out last night I rummaged about in my closet for something to wear for the next day’s log-in. Unlike my usual attempts, I wound up with a full, coordinated outfit rather than my usual shorts and a t-shirt.


See this image embiggened on Flickr.

It isn’t often I find myself this impressed with an outfit. No, I’m not bragging. All the hard work was done by the designers. I merely put it all together. The only creative input I had, really, was the shape and the face, all enhanced by others, of course. To me, at least, it all works rather well. The kit is almost superhero-like, yes, but I was also thinking it would suit a festive holiday party (for grown-ups, certainly).

For those really curious, the Appearance panel should give you enough hints for tracking down the items for your own Inventory. Many thanks to my sister Threshin for the hair by pr!tty.

What’s In My Closet: A Blouse

I bought a blouse that I really like. Can you tell?

Romy Blouse 02 Romy Blouse 01 Romy Blouse 03 Romy Blouse 04 Romy Blouse 05

“Romy” blouse from Blueberry 

The Skinnery “Sasha” (Toffee) on the Maitreya “Lara” body with SLink hands, Cold Logic “Cuco” jeans, BSN “Ora” eyes, and Exile “Jack” hair. Un-retouched. Optional bra not shown. Click to embiggen or see them on Flickr.

What’s in My Closet: Sporty Uccie

Considering I’m featured on page 84 of the July 2015 issue Busted, an adult pin-up magazine in Second Life, and further considering that I’m well-known for my chestorial endowments (often shown on this blog and on Flickr), you’d be amused to find out that my wife, Angela Seale, prefers ‘sporty’ women. Think she’d like this?

Click to embiggen or see it on Flickr.

Click to embiggen or see it on Flickr.

Hair: “Harley” Colors pack by Truth

Skin: “Sasha” by The Skinnery (with optional full body freckles tattoo)

Eyes: By Snow “Fresh Eyes” Flax-m

Clothes: Addams “Ephhiphany” Shorts and Top Outfit

Makeup & Jewelry: Glamorize “Day Shift” lipstick; BALACLAVA!! Kal Glasses (Tortoiseshell-Wide); [AiTech] Lock & Chain Collar: Custom wedding ring and Magellan Detector ring.

Body: SLink Casual hands; Custom shape honed for 9 years.

What’s In My Closet? Why Do I Bother?

Try as I might, I just can’t see myself as the glamorous sort. Slap on some makeup, a fancy dress, style my hair, add some jewelry, and … dunno. To tell the truth, I don’t think I can carry it off. In Real Life I wear (not all at once) hospital scrubs, shorts, t-shirts, hooodies, jeans, Crocs, or anything I can find so I’ll be comfy and nondescript. In Second Life, I have a cage dress, heels, and dark makeup with bleached blonde hair.


I’m totally convinced that this combo would look much better on anyone but me. A nagging thought of redemption tugs at me, though … “What if I wore outfits like this in appropriate places?!?” Hanging out in Bay City or a nice forest in a cage dress? Probably not places one is likely to see this sort of outfit. Maybe I need to get out more.

The grown up Zyx can get away with it. It is her nature.