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#SecondLifeChallenge – My Zodiac Sign

Strawberry Singh has a new blog challenge and I  couldn’t sleep so I set right to tackling it. I hope you enjoy this indulgent look into my life. Please note, that my Second Life Rez Day is the same at my Real Life Birthday: June 18th.

Here are the instructions for the #SecondLifeChallenge this Monday: Copy and paste the following questions and answers into your post; then delete my answers and input your own. Don’t forget to leave a comment below with a link to your post so we can all come by and check it out!

What is your Zodiac sign? Gemini


A summary of Gemini from

Do you believe in Astrology and read your horoscope often? No, I don’t believe in Astrology though it does amuse me at times. Every horoscope I’ve ever read seems like it could have been applied to anyone or any Sign. Checking with for Gemini health today yielded only vague results:


Clicking any of the yellow buttons below the prognostication changes the results at the site. I chose Health because I’m having some issues lately.

Come on! To whom doesn’t this apply? Any of my doctors could have written this for any of their patients, not just me. “Behave yourself as there are consequences.” Right.

What are some of the traits of your zodiac sign and do you feel they reflect who you are?

Like Berry did, this is a copypasta of the traits listed at Website with my annotation. For Gemini they’ve listed:

  • Strengths: Gentle, affectionate, curious, adaptable, ability to learn quickly and exchange ideas. Can’t dispute any of this, but with all honesty, are these characteristics many people would deny having? Or even claim to have even if they don’t? Anything positive-sounding is hard to dismiss.
  • Weaknesses: Nervous, inconsistent, indecisive. Calm as a cucumber, I am. People frequently tell me that I’m the exact opposite of nervous. I’ll cop to indecisive, though, as it is part of my procrastinate nature.
  • Gemini likes: Music, books, magazines, chats with nearly anyone, short trips around the town. Not a fan of going out except on rare occasions and I really don’t like chatting. For one, I have almost no one I can chat with iRL (not many I know use Sign language), and secondly, I do well enough living in my own head that chatting isn’t interesting.
  • Gemini dislikes: Being alone, being confined, repetition and routine. Oh, where to start? Let’s just say these don’t really apply to me.

As my brother is fond of saying, codswallop. Astrology as it is applied in these examples is far to vague and meaningless to matter. Doesn’t mean it can’t be fun and if this is your belief then I certainly respect your right to believe. Just don’t expect me to do so.

And now, since you were expecting The Twins …

The Twins

Feed Anticipation

Another day, another wait. Residents who try to regularly use Profile snapshots – AKA, The Feed – are used to seeing snapshots processing messages. posts showing up at odd times and in random orders, and Profile updates not sticking. Most of us have gotten over the Messages feature of the Inbox being depreciated (but illogically not removed). More than a few have given up on using The Feed at all.

Numerous Residents have switched to other services such as Plurk and Twitter or supplement Feed use with such. These platforms have a demonstrably better reliability records and world-wide recognizable branding. For these two reasons, I strongly suggest that Linden Lab enter a partnership with either service (Twitter being my preference) to replace The Feed.


Best. Twitter. Joke. Ever. Note the post dates.

A further benefit would be to increase Second Life brand awareness. Each Second Life account could easily be a brand ambassador right from the outset, with each Resident being given the opportunity to setup a Twitter account when they create their Second Life account. The Lab would also be able to free-up resources used for the Website and allow them to focus on other aspects of the Resident experience.

Problems could abound, of course. Are these real people? What about all that porn that is posted (check the Trending section of The Feed when you aren’t at work sometime)? What about dead accounts? So many questions and in my modest proposal I don’t claim to have any answers, let alone all the answers. Perhaps limiting the offer of an instant account be limited to Premium members (creating a real life identity connection) as a potential solution. I’m sure if The Lab likes this idea they will find people smarter than I am to work out the answers.

Or this is just strange musing while I wait for a snapshot to post. Something to think about, I hope.

ForMax Event opens at midnight!

Prim Perfect

The event to support Maxwell Graf and Lyyric Fei opens at midnight SLT tonight in the Apple Fall region.

The event will be running from October 3rd – October 17th, and with over 50 of the top Second Life Creators taking part, there is bound to be something to suit all tastes (probably a lot of somethings!).

ForMax event on Apple Fall ForMax event on Apple Fall

There’s also a planned raffle with even more creators taking part, and entertainment is planned too (although not yet scheduled).  But you can keep up with developing events at the special ForMax Facebook page:

We’ll see you there!

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Topless Tuesday Glytch

Topless 'tuesday 25-09-2017 without shirt

Here I am in Hartyshire, the hub for The Lab’s “Tyrah & the Curse of the Magical Glytches” game and a G-rated region where women should (?) put on a top. Access the game via the Portal Park.

At least to me, Topless Tuesday is about protesting The Lab’s ban on topless female avatars in General-rated regions. To be honest, though, I’ve never read or heard that female toplessness is fully official. Here’s what I saw on a wiki:

Is simple nudity without sex Adult?

Depending on context, nudity may not require an Adult rating. For example all of the following could be rated Moderate:

  • A nude beach without sexual activity.
  • Skin vendors showing a nude skin to display the product.
  • Nude art that is not sexual.
  • Strip clubs that do not use adult words in search or host sex furniture.

Depending on the context, exposed genitalia may not be considered Adult. For example:

  • Hanging out at a nude beach would be fine.
  • Walking around pants-less on the mainland could be inappropriate.

Non-sexualized depictions of nudity are Moderate NOT Adult.

Okay, a little vague. Could I have been penalized for the picture in this post since I was shooting it for artistic purposes? I bet I could argue the point. What about when I walk around the west side of Bay City, the G-rated regions? I’m not having sex or displaying with intent to arouse. I’m just nekkid from the bellybutton on up. Any interpretation of this section, though, is clear that any sort of nudity should be avoided in General-rated regions without addressing the differences between female and male anatomies. Should men also be required to wear shirts?

It seems to me that even the Terms of Service are vague (section 4):

(vi) Violate our Maturity Content Guidelines. A region designated General is not allowed to advertise or make available content or activity that is sexually explicit, violent, or depicts nudity;

Nudity isn’t specifically addressed in the Community Standards, but there are links to other sources such as the Content Guidelines, which only mentions “sexually explicit content” without details or clarity. The Linden Lab Official: Mainland Policies wiki doesn’t have anything not the topic.

So where do we stand? May I run topless through Linden Realms (as seen on my Flickr)? Would I be allowed to sunbathe topless outside the Bay City Arboretum (SLurl)? Pretty sure other policies would keep me from diving into Marianne McCann‘s backyard pool (as well as it is kinda shallow and no one wants to face the wrath of the pint-sized titan). I have invited an official reply to be added in the comments of this post, but if you have comments, I’d appreciate if you would add them, too.

Until then, I’m going to go about topless where I feel appropriate as sort of an empirical test of the subject. Join me?

Learn From Toady!

Not long ago the Build Bug bit me again but I thought my skills might be rusty, so I took a class with the famous Toady Nakamura, and you can, too! She put together some info for me to post:

Toady Nakamura has been teaching for ten and a half years in SL! Classes range from vehicles to lobbers, wearables, furnishings, and every class has at least one script example! She teaches three classes a week:
9am Tuesdays at Dreams East
5pm Tuesdays at Isle of Wyrms
9am Friday at Happy Hippos Building School

(All times SLT)

She announces her classes weekly on her blog.

Former classes are for sale at Grendel’s Children main store and at the birthplace of Grendel’s in Chima sim.

Toady’s goal is to share building and scripting knowlege widely because that is what makes SL different than many other “game” platforms.

Besides in SL classes, Toady helped write the “Introduction to LSL” on the SL wiki, and maintains a page of helpful scripts there.

Intro to SL

Personal wiki page

Personal quotables
As far as I know, I’ve taught more classes in SL than any other SL teacher, since March 24, 2007 when I started at “Illuminata University.” My dean back then Contessa Marquez, still attends some classes with me from time to time!!

My first SL teacher was Shadow Marlin at Mystica sim.