What’s In My Closet: Elleria Witch

Without spending a single $L, I think I made a fabulous avatar for Halloween 2017. Most of the costume is from the Elleria avatar found in the Linden Library at the bottom of your Inventory window, but here’s the details:


Note the pet bat. It is from a different Linden avatar. The Lumae skin is as important to the ensemble as the Linden avatar pieces as this close-up GIF shows:


Someone saw me hovering last night and commented “You scared me up there!” so, kudos to the Linden AO. Halloween hasn’t impressed me much the last few years. I just can’t get into it any more. But this avatar impresses me. Many thanks to Pico Mole, River Mole, and Exotic Mole for a great starter avatar. And thanks to Lumae for the upgrade.

Feelin’ Blue

Uccie End of the Line.png
Several times in Real Life this last month I’ve been struck with an odd thought – “Why isn’t my skin blue?” It has happened at work, at home, and even when I’ve looked at my hands on the car steering wheel. And I’ve seen my face in the mirror while brushing my teeth and thought “Shouldn’t that face be blue?” And each time, I’ve felt blue, as in depressed. That sort of depression when you know something is out of sorts.

Perhaps I spend too much time in Second Life in my blue skin. Ever since I was a young girl and I learned of the idea of people having different skin colors I’ve wanted to be blue. It just seemed natural. Maybe it is a family thing. My brother CC has wanted to be orange since seeing Oompa Loompas (not in person) and has been orange in SL several times. Another of my brothers has a funny story about green skin, but I shouldn’t say any more. Since joining Second Life I’ve searched for a good blue skin, even trying to make my own.

Now I have a few really good quality blue skins (and several other colors, too) and feel a bit odd when I’m not using one. Even my wife, Angela, says it is a bit disconcerting when I’m using a Caucasian skin, like the Skinnery “Sasha” skin shown above. Perhaps I’m too attached to the blueness. I really don’t know. This is all odd to me. It is quite disconcerting to see what I think must be someone else’s hands or face in Real Life when I don’t see blue.

So, despite reformatting my blog so a picture of me in all my blueness is the background just a couple days ago, I think I’m going to try being my “natural” Caucasian for a week or so in Second Life.

On another note, the picture for this post was shot at Little Coverston (SLurl), one of end of the Zany Zen Railway.

“The seaside village of Little Coverston was a thriving fishing village where the sounds of sea birds and fishermen echoed.  Yet the dedicated folks were unable to keep up with demand.  Thankfully the Zany Zen Railway brought new life to Little Coverston.”

Whether you are a rail fan or not, this superior build is well worth spending some time to visit. Take the train to visit the other stations along the line and you might even see the Galway family retreat.

Zyx is Growing Up


Yes, young Zyx Flux is getting older. She’s 14 years old now (about 2x her SL age) and like all young women she is starting to mature. Every child avatar I’ve met in Second Life has kept their age fixed over the years. My friend Marianne McCann is 8 1/2 years old. Her brother Pygar is 12 years old, and her sister Robin is 10 years old. They’ve not aged since I met them.

Zyx hasn’t always been a child avatar. Back when she was a gardener at the Isle of Lesbos her age was in NeverNever years … like 100 of ours, but young for there. I never got it all worked out. Pretty much she was a gardener … my landscaping storage alt. When Lesbos faded off into the sunset, I got to working on her back story, like why she has a sister/cousin/Aunt with what we perceive to be the same name. It wasn’t long before I decided she would age. When she was nearly 13, she shed her light blue coloring that all pixies are born with and turned a medium brown, showing she was probably going to be a Seelie Court Fae (the other Zyx is an Unseelie Court Fae) as her hormones changed. Her biology is a big twist on the traditional view of the Faerie Courts, but that’s not unusual for me. She was born with antennae, for example. This is Second Life. I can do what I want.

She had these cute little freebie antenna from Epic but “big” Zyx had more substantial, less cute antennae. As you can see from the picture above, “little” Zyx is growing a similar pair as she gets older. And her nails have turned into sharp claws. Not sure yet about making her taller. Maybe tweak her a few inches her and there, but that will probably happen. Now that she’s 14 though, I’m more comfortable with letting her wear clothes like you see above.

It is all part of a plan, or more likely, a plan in progress. But my little girl is growing up, to be sure.

Her story so far ….

Zyx Flux was sent out of the NeverNever to explore life with humans, her sister/cousin/Aunt coming along to keep an eye on her. She got a job with the Bay City Institute for Anomalous Research as a gardener and despite her youth, worked up to Chief Gardener at the Institute’s Arboretum of Rather Atypical Vegetation (SLurl). She keeps busy with learning new magicks, working, exploring our realm, and fighting a crush on Pygar (not good to fall in love with humans, she’s always being told).

What’s in My Closet: A Demon

Once again I got involved, perhaps a bit too heavily this time, in creating an outfit, though this time totally without clothes! Since receiving my SLink Hourglass Body from my wife, I’ve been creating dressable versions with each of the skins I have so I can quickly switch back and forth. The Lumae Jewel Naamah skin (available only in-world) automatically made me think demon/devil/succubus so over time I’ve been tweaking from a basic form with self-made horns, fancy ears, and then some. Yesterday, I think I reached peak tweak.


The pointy ears are gone, but a nice set of Bento demon wings from [ATOMIC] and a Bento tail (also a gift from Angela) by [M.O.R.] really make the set.

Here is most of what is in this outfit (lipstick and a couple alpha layers aren’t shown), though the pictures in this post show a skirt and a pair of ankle boots.





Click any image to see it embiggened on Flickr.

The wings are nicely animated and while a bit finicky, the tail is well-animated, too. The tail and the animator are separate so I can have a bento kitty tail (from Ange, of course) on my Neko avatar. I might feature that sometime soon.

What’s in My Closet: Scary in Grey


This image is embiggened on Flickr!

So, I saw the movie “Suicide Squad” the other day and when I got past some terrible acting by a couple big names, I was enthralled by the special effects, particularly the particle storm that surrounded a character named “The Enchantress.”

Of course, someone in Second Life was excited, too. Without hesitation, I bought the **CC** – Enchantress FX Set from ColeMarie Soleil. Then I bought another one for an alt. It is that good. Well, look at the picture.

While everyone else is running around as Harley from the movie, I’ll be lurking about as the only other well-done character.

If you need to ask, then …

Lumae Eirtae Fantasy – Storm skin
Maitreya Lara mesh body
Clawtoot Windswept Softest Black hair
Glamorize Tragic Combo makeup
AII “Weeping” makeup
TIA Shackles Collar
VAW XTC Nipples

What is Human?

“In the United States and other countries, a bathroom bill is a bill that seeks to allow or ban transgender individuals from using public facilities (particularly bathrooms) that correspond to their gender identity (as opposed to the sex they were assigned at birth).” (Wikipedia)

Topless Mugshot

Arrested for Topless Behavior in a G-Rated Region.**

In Second Life (SL), everyone’s gender identity is in question at least some of the time. Female avatars are often called out – and often correctly so – as being a male in so-called Real Life (RL)*. But I think that for serious residents of our virtual space, gender presentation is considered to be very fluid and variations are usually accepted. At least it is in my circles. So many people I know mismatch SL genders and body parts against RL ones on a recurring basis.

At one time, this bothered me but back then I was dealing with Androphobia (the fear of adult men) on the meatspace side of the keyboard. Lots of therapy in and out of Second Life has made this more tolerable and has helped shape my opinions of gender identity. Which makes me wonder about bathroom bills.

And it makes me wonder about the non-human bias that you’ll find in many places in SL, including the beach I’m sitting on while I write this post. “Be Human – Beachwear or Nude” is even in the land name. Yes, I like it here. Enough that I paid money for both my wife and I to have access to the property. This isn’t the first time I have paid, either. We belong to another beach that won’t let me be my preferred skin color (blue) or wear Neko bits, though that one is so sparsely populated I’m often the only one there.

Not that I’ve officially asked, but I’ve yet to hear an official answer from any place that discriminates on species choice. Any response would be based purely on un-reasoned bias, regardless of how they might word it. Sounds like I have a bias, huh?

Yes, I do. I’m a shape-shifter. I’m human, I’m blue human, I’m dragon, I’m kitty, and I’m WhatTheHeckIsThisAvatar, too. It seems a shame to not take advantage of what SL offers. Even many folks who I know are die-hard about their daily avatar have been known to dip into the fantastic now and then. But I’m also tolerant. If someone requires a certain appearance to enter property that they own and I really want to visit, I’ll oblige. And I love changing avatars to fit in when I visit more public spaces (Say Hello to my Tiny Friends) and the change is voluntary.

I sure hope, however, that public spaces in Second Life do NOT discriminate on gender appearance/actuality or on species or other criteria. Sure, there have to be some age restrictions. Heaven knows we don’t want the kids to see a woman’s breasts to distract them from the unrealistic portrayals of women in magazines and comic books or in movies or on TV.

Murder and blood and death bother me. Why is it so easy to regulate bathrooms but not guns? Why make a fuss over someone’s virtual appearance when they are simply expressing who they are inside their actual appearance. I mean, what is human?

– – – – – – – –

*Real Life being that world where the computers we use to access Second Life are located. It is merely a location reference and does not refer to an actual anything. Or does it?

** Why “human” in that picture? Well, the ears are kinda pointy, but I was trying a new skin from Lumae that I got for a bargain price and I was ready to head out to the beach mentioned above.

An NSFW version of this post’s image can be found here on Flickr.

I’ve Been Blue

The other day I had to tell someone that my being blue is not new. When I was “born” on the Main Grid it was a priority to find a blue skin. When I made skins the first one I made was blue. And on through the years, I’d often buy blue skins, like the ones pictured below.

BluDrow@gate_001Bluecello & Namiko 2

I’ve also loved dragons for quite some time:
Here is the oldest picture of me with blue skin, back on October 25, 2006:
Uccello Dancing Blue
So if you see me as blue, don’t think it to be new. Simply think of it as me.