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What’s in My Closet: Blue in Red

As is my habit, before logging out last night I rummaged about in my closet for something to wear for the next day’s log-in. Unlike my usual attempts, I wound up with a full, coordinated outfit rather than my usual shorts and a t-shirt.

See this image embiggened on Flickr.

It isn’t often I find myself this impressed with an outfit. No, I’m not bragging. All the hard work was done by the designers. I merely put it all together. The only creative input I had, really, was the shape and the face, all enhanced by others, of course. To me, at least, it all works rather well. The kit is almost superhero-like, yes, but I was also thinking it would suit a festive holiday party (for grown-ups, certainly).

For those really curious, the Appearance panel should give you enough hints for tracking down the items for your own Inventory. Many thanks to my sister Threshin for the hair by pr!tty.


Just a girl in virtual places.

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