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ZZR Photo Competition

When I received the following Press Release from Zen Swords (zenriaco Resident) about a photo competition for her lovely railroad, my thought was “I have lots of photos I could enter!” Then I thought “Probably wouldn’t be right to enter as we are family.” Turns out I have just one photo anyway. Read on to see how you could win L$3500 and bragging rights!

ZZR Halloween 2018 3

The ZZR Needs You! to take photos of Little Coverston!

Hello there,

Thank you for your interest in this competition, Little Coverston has been without a Land Picture for a year almost. The Land Picture is an important thing as when people search for a place they tend to go off the picture to see if its worth it. So what does this have to do with you?

I want you *boops your nose* to take the most awesome picture you can of Little Coverston. If it is awesome enough. you will win 3500 Linden. Simples!

How To Enter:

(1) Take your picture.

(2) Send it to Flickr

(3) Submit it to this group with somewhere in the description of the photo “Little Coverston Photo Competition”:

(4) Send a Notecard or IM inworld with the Flickr Link to your picture and your Second Life Username to ZenriaCo Resident inworld.

(4) On the 31st of May, the winner will be announced!

How it will be Judged:

Me (ZenriaCo Resident) and The ZZR Managers will go through the pictures and find which one we like best then we will discuss till we all come to a clear winner.

“But why not hold a public vote and let the public vote what they think is the best?” I hear you ask. While it was tempting Public Votes tend to consist of people bringing in their friends, alts, and bots.


(1) All Photos must contain Little Coverston in them.

(2) The main focus must be Little Coverston (you can be in the photo but not in the centre focus).

(3) No super wide panoramics. Think small box!

(4) You may put a small watermark/tag in the corner of the picture.

(5) Editing/Photoshopping is allowed.

(6) 1 Entries Max Per Person.

(7) All Entries must be submitted by 31st of May.


Little Coverston SLurl:


So what are you waiting for? go get snapping!

The Zany Zen.

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Topless Tuesday Vacation

Happy Topless Tuesday!


Topless Tuesday 23 May 2017
Click to see the image embiggened on Flickr.


A few days vacation in (so called) Real Life means I have time to just relax in Second Life for a bit. Having received a boat as a gift, I’ve been cruising the Blake Sea and parked at Siren’s Isle for today’s picture. Yes, the region does allow topless women but not all the places I visited were Mature rated so I broke the law a few times.

One of my plans while off work is to visit the real life USS Albacore, a retired submarine in nearby Portsmouth, NH. Legally, I could be topless while visiting, subject to arrest only if a disturbance breaks out or if asked to leave by the group that runs the facility (it is privately owned, I believe). Men can visit sans shirt, too, though they aren’t likely to be escorted off. But I’ll likely go with a sweatshirt as I’ll be alone and I’m still not confident enough to be bold around people in the flesh, so to speak. When some of the area’s various topless protests happen this Summer, though, I’m of a mind to go.

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Zany Zen Railroad


From the Zany Zen Railroad (ZZR) Events Board:

The ZZR is amazing to see in every season….if you have only seen it once than you aren’t getting the whole picture. On October 1st the warmth of Summer along with its blessings of sunshine and its curse of mosquitoes goes bye bye for a few months. Autumn comes on the 1st of October and a foliage tour will make you think of warm apple cider, crisp fall days, and cool nights.

The ZZR is always a friendly place, great for the whole family, but in October things get a bit ghoulish. October 18th to November 1st the spirits come alive and join in to make your time here a most enjoyable one. You never know who or even what you may end up seeing. Its a bloody good time for all and will leave you screaming for another ride.

Tracks to Trenches week is November 6 – 14th and will feature two World War 1 era trains as they haul goods to the troops. Young and old alike will want to see this special remembrance of World War 1. It is a solemn tribute to those that were touched by the grip of such a time and is not to be missed.

We bid a fond farewell to the slight chill in the air and welcome in Winter on December 6th. Wear your most comfy and warm clothes as you take a trip on the ZZR after Jack Frost pays a visit. The chill in the air is just the thing to inspire romance too. Bring your honey along with you for a trip and they will cuddle close to stay warm while travelling through the three sims.

December 15 through January 6 Santa makes his annual trip to the ZZR. Have you been a good boy or girl this year? Santa knows for sure so you better watch out. Come ride the train into a winter wonderland with Santa waiting at the end for those brave enough to sit on his lap. There is also hot cocoa to keep you warm so be sure not to miss this event.

Of course, the scenery is pleasant all year long and the ride is always a great way to spend time with friends, loved ones, or even by yourself. Crop in at the main station (SLurl) sometime!