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I am very hard to see when wearing a Nomine Aether – Midnight skin (SLurl), a black leather outfit from Danika Designs (Web), Hydra hair in Midnight from Discord (SLurl), primOptic’s Finesse glasses (SLurl), Pirate boots from Illusions (SLurl), a TalTECH Black Thunder black pistol (SLurl), and my beloved eCollar (SLurl) in black leather … so NO Sneaking into the Isle of Lesbos. I’m there, seen or not.

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BIG Teddycello

Many Linden Lab© employees with a presence in the Second Life™ (SL) world give away teddy bears that they have made. I have a few and sometime last year I made a teddy to give away in much the same fashion. Since that first bear I’ve made several to give away at the Isle of Lesbos or for other reasons, but I’ve never been quite happy with that first bear.

Sure, it had a nice hug animation, but it was really a rather basic effort that more or less duplicated a Linden bear design and not too fancy. So yesterday I got working on a new one that would better reflect me and here it is. Well, this is a giant version over 20m tall. The one I’ll give away is about one meter tall. But both reflect what I love to do in SL: Build. This one is working on a slightly tortured prim with my state of Maine vehicle license plate “name” texture.

At 173 prims I don’t see too many folks rezzing it for extended display, but this one is me. She is even wearing what I often wear (dang! I should have changed for this pic!).

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“WEAPONS: may be worn on all four of the Lesbos Sims, however, use in Noncombat areas will result in a ban of no less than 6MONTHS for the avatars involved. There is no appeal for such a ban. Currently the COMBAT AREAS include only the Castle on the Isle of Lesbos. ATTENTION: Combat in the Isle of Lesbos Sims will only include Edged weapons *Swords, knives, blades* and will NOT include guns, bombs or any type of push weapons.”

That is from the new rules card at the Isle of Lesbos (SLurl). Previously, no weapons were permitted, though whips worn on the hip were not considered weapons. So here I am in my Bare Rose ‘Pioneer’ robo-suit.

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(Away) Mosaics

This is why I don’t go (Away) around people like me.

The Avie in the center went (Away) while (Editing Appearance) and stayed that way for a fair amount of time before I arrived. And as you can see, she was there long enough after I showed up that I and another staffer at the Isle of Lesbos managed to have some fun.

My first thought was to just send her Home. But a discussion of “(Away) Games” was struck and I decided instead to have some fun. I’ve done more elaborate (Away) Mosaics, but this was one of my rare collaborations. The nOObie male on the left was provided by the other staffer who was rather pleased with the texture I uploaded for the words behind the heads.

We were just getting ready to add more elements when the Avie “woke up” and flew off. I gave her this texture but she declined it. Sure, I can see how this might be annoying, possibly even embarrassing, but if it happened to me I’d laugh. But then again, I don’t go (Away) around people like me.

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RL vs. SL

If you were to see me in Real Life (RL or iRL) you’d see me in eyeglasses. Not by my choice. They are always dirty, sliding down my nose, and just a plain nuisance. When I got a driving learner’s permit I was told my eyes were good enough to not wear glasses. When I got my passport I was told to wear them for the picture if I have them even if I don’t need them for seeing everything.

So why do I wear eyeglasses in Second Life™(SL)? Well, these free Lloyd glasses from PrimOptics are rather cool. er … no, that can’t be it as I usually wear another style. In fact, a rather plain pair is in my Quick Me folder, the one I drag onto my name tag when I need to get back to a basic avatar or set of clothes (skin, hair, eyes, shape, clothes, accessories).

Really, I’m not sure. Maybe it will be a passing but recurring faze like when I was a lioness for a month or when I was a neko for many, many months. Recurring as I’ve worn eyeglasses in SL before as a standard item then stopped for some time.

Certainly I see well enough in SL though using SL has hurt my RL eyesight. And that might have been the trigger. I started again wearing eyeglasses in SL as standard fare when I started wearing them iRL. What this means I don’t know. It can’t be vanity. Otherwise I would have expanded my waist and tummy in SL when it did iRL.

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The Invasion

My friend Coke Supply is an alien. er … She’s a Brit … not quite the same thing. But you’ll usually see her in her Alien avatar. She is a very skilled builder. She gave a watermelon-themed one to the famous Torley Linden. Very awesome.

She’s very generous like that. As you can see, she’s given out several of the avatars. I’m the cuye one seen here.