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Civic Regulation

A friend of mine bought some land in Zindra recently and one lot was an attractive beach front piece. With a good ground texture plus access to the ocean and a Linden road this seemed like a really good place to buy. However it suffers from Mainland diversity. Sure, I’m a champion of Mainland and the craziness which it generates, but I have to admit that my land is surrounded by nice neighbors with good taste in what they put on their land. Not so with the land heretofore mentioned.

On one side, as pictured above, is a sex club (Zindra, remember) with excessively large Full Bright signs, some in neon. The structure itself is fairly tasteful. The interior is very poorly put together, but you don’t have to go look. If I drop my draw distance from 128m to 64m most of the building would disappear from this vantage point, but that’s not a solution. It gets worse to the south.

That land across the road is a series of unfinished sky platforms and terrible fireworks 24/7 regardless of the day cycle. The latter I could live with. Not the sky platforms. They are more disruptive to the experience than are the bright signs on the other lot.

Mainland needs some regulation and I strongly feel that this would improve the Resident experience and possibly save Mainland, bringing in more revenue for The Lab. It has been done before. That his how Zindra was created. The Lab came along and told people “If you have adult activities such as sex clubs, shops with pornographic images, or other such content, you need to move to this new continent.” To aid the mandatory move, The Lab swapped out land anywhere in SL with new land in Zindra. Early adopters and volunteers to go first got some favorable swaps. Others were simply forced.

A similar move could be done to separate residential and commercial land. I don’t want my home next to a huge department store and I sure don’t want my scenic landscaping next to Full Bright signs advertising boobs. Mind you, I like boobs, but sometimes it is better to conceal to reveal. To paraphrase the real estate mantra, “Atmosphere! Atmosphere! Atmosphere!” Harmonious districting of land would let those who wish to have attractive homes cluster together and set all the commercial properties together so shoppers and clubbers wouldn’t have to wander all over for their needs.

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Zindra Tree Roots

Shortly after the adult-access continent of Zindra was opened I took a stroll to see the hubbub and discovered some nice architecture, interesting landscaping, and some truly horrendous region crossings, the latter usually occurring right along roads. I went again today to see the new monorail system (Web) and found not just a really cool build, but a “problem” that I figured would be cleared up once the LL Moles building the regions had left: Tree Roots.

During a sim crossing on my first visit I found that each tree has a sphere prim below it, deep in the ground. “For positioning,” I figured and thought “they’ll clean these up and add to the prim count.” Apparently not, if the image here is a comparison. I was at the Eichorn Cove station (SLurl) and a typical sim crossing again dropped me underground for a while where I saw the “tree roots” were still there. Zindra is a really interesting place filled with, if not people, mysteries to be solved.