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Zany Zen Railroad


From the Zany Zen Railroad (ZZR) Events Board:

The ZZR is amazing to see in every season….if you have only seen it once than you aren’t getting the whole picture. On October 1st the warmth of Summer along with its blessings of sunshine and its curse of mosquitoes goes bye bye for a few months. Autumn comes on the 1st of October and a foliage tour will make you think of warm apple cider, crisp fall days, and cool nights.

The ZZR is always a friendly place, great for the whole family, but in October things get a bit ghoulish. October 18th to November 1st the spirits come alive and join in to make your time here a most enjoyable one. You never know who or even what you may end up seeing. Its a bloody good time for all and will leave you screaming for another ride.

Tracks to Trenches week is November 6 – 14th and will feature two World War 1 era trains as they haul goods to the troops. Young and old alike will want to see this special remembrance of World War 1. It is a solemn tribute to those that were touched by the grip of such a time and is not to be missed.

We bid a fond farewell to the slight chill in the air and welcome in Winter on December 6th. Wear your most comfy and warm clothes as you take a trip on the ZZR after Jack Frost pays a visit. The chill in the air is just the thing to inspire romance too. Bring your honey along with you for a trip and they will cuddle close to stay warm while travelling through the three sims.

December 15 through January 6 Santa makes his annual trip to the ZZR. Have you been a good boy or girl this year? Santa knows for sure so you better watch out. Come ride the train into a winter wonderland with Santa waiting at the end for those brave enough to sit on his lap. There is also hot cocoa to keep you warm so be sure not to miss this event.

Of course, the scenery is pleasant all year long and the ride is always a great way to spend time with friends, loved ones, or even by yourself. Crop in at the main station (SLurl) sometime!

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Fun in New Port, Bay City

The New Port Yacht Club in Bay City (SLurl) has scenic views and a couple boat rezzing zones which means that just about anyone would enjoy a visit. Instead of putting a boat in my slip I dropped in some fun boat rezzers that anyone can use, club member or not.

New Port Fun 01

My slip is next to Marianne McCann’s, a prime location near the landing area. I waited a long time to get this one but it is promised to Dakota Schwade if I give it up. Here you’ll find rezzers for kayaks, bumper boats, and the fun Escapades rezzers for a squid, a whale, and a tiny tugboat.
New Port Fun 02

Here’s the Escapades rezzers. Really cute fantasy vehicles made by Loki Eliot. Click a barrel and hop on! Lots of fun.

New Port Fun 03

This kayak rezzer is rather versatile. Touch the sign to change the craft to a doubles or one for Tinies. Click the boat when you are in it for more options. It should automatically give you a paddle to use.

New Port Fun 04

The bumper boat rezzer has been here for a while. If you bump against others often enough the engine will go out and your boat will stop working for a while. Great fun for gaming with others. Touch the boat to change colors.

New Port Fun 05The teeny, tiny tug boat is new today. All the Escapades crafts are adjustable for avatar size.

Don’t let anyone tell you there is nothing to do in Second Life. Bay City is full of activities and I’m happy to contribute to the fun.

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Spring into Caturday!

Click to embiggen or see it on Flickr.
Click to embiggen or see it on Flickr.

It is finally greening up here in Real Life southern Maine so it is time to go harvest the first crop of wild catnip, a great way to spend Caturday. Go out and make it a great one!!

Thank you to Robin (Sojourner) Wood, Pygar Bu, and Marianne McCann for letting me use Livingtree (SLurl) for the photoshoot. This is a lovely place to explore and play and shop and even learn stuff.

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Redemption is Nigh

Project Sansar. Linden Lab’s chance to make all that is wrong with Second Life right again in a new world. A chance to look at what works and doesn’t work then formulate and implement solutions that will bring about the ideal virtual world first envisioned some dozen years ago by St. Phillip of Rosedale. I strongly suspect the best solution would be to eliminate residents entirely.


Residents cause the problems. It isn’t The Lab that put up this poorly constructed, Full Bright privacy wall* on an all–water property just off Route 11 (SLurl). It was a Resident. It was also a Resident that put up ban lines on the only water route through a region in which I was hover boarding earlier today. Griefers are Residents, too. They rather have to be, if you think about it. Though not impossible, it is hard to grief in-world without being here.

Or blame the lab for the Hobson’s Choice that is real estate in Second Life. Spend upwards some $1000 USD plus a monthly rental fee (and VAT if you are in Europe) to buy a private island (source) with which you can build all the privacy walls you want and ban the whole world except you or you can rent a decent small space for for about L$200/week (if you shop well) and take what you get for neighbors and passers-by.

Travel anywhere in Second Life – even the non-Mainland regions – and you’ll see that there is a set of people that simply want a totally private space to themselves. An island created by privacy walls. A skybox. Whatever. Project Sansar and accommodate this idea. No more Mainland. Everyone gets a space the size of which depends on how much one is willing to pay. Fully private areas like skyboxes (in reality, a tiny part of a server somewhere as the box isn’t over a Mainland area) might be premium compared to similar-sized areas on Mainland. Those opting to live in the ground-bound community would have to agree to a covenant:

  • No skyboxes unless an area’s covenant allows it.
  • No privacy walls. You can’t outlaw ugly, but walls affect everyone’s experience.
  • No ban lines. Period.
  • Fit your content to theme of the area (No more palm trees outdoors on a snowy mountain) if such an area is available.
  • Don’t like your neighbor’s taste? Tough. I don’t like the house next to mine in Real Life. Too bad.

*sigh* This won’t work. Not if The Lab gives everyone the creation tools they give us now. And not unless they are willing to spend a fortune on enforcement. “No Ban Lines” is possible. Just don’t code for them and hold fast when people start whining. There is no way The Lab can please all the people all the time. There may be redemption for the sins of Second Life but who is to say what is a sin? Project Sansar will be new and shiny and exciting and another place for residents to make of what they want or despoil as they will. It’s a new world.

*In the interest of full disclosure, my home (SLurl) has a privacy wall that I can totally justify even though I didn’t put it up. Yep. I’m a Resident. If a neighbor complains, it will come down.

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Mouse Guardian at Rest

Click to embiggen or see it on Flickr.
Click to embiggen or see it on Flickr.

Wee Zyx the Mouse Guardian (read about Mouse Guardians here ). Sarawak (SLurl) is such a lovely place, its pastoral splendor perfect for pixies like Zyx. The pose certainly matched my* mood at the the time. I sat in that spot for a couple hours just breathing and listening to the sounds of nature. Just what I needed.

Click to embiggen or see it on Flickr.
Click to embiggen or see it on Flickr.
Click to embiggen or see it on Flickr.
Click to embiggen or see it on Flickr.

*What? You didn’t know that Zyx Flux is my alt?