What’s in My Closet? A Tux!

After much hemming and hawing, I bought the new Collabor88 release from r2, the r2: A/D/E Otome set (in gold, as shown, and in black). When I tried he demo with the fatback bonus color (red) it struck me as a no-go for this round. Mind you, I seldom pass up and r2 release. If […]

What’s in My Closet – BiB

For a Not A Fashion blog, I tend to post more than a few fashion items, such as this “Back In Black” set. This one of those outfits that started out completely different but wound up to be mostly the same. For example, the leggings started as bikini-style denim shorts. The cuffs were pewter bangles. […]

What’s In My Closet: Elleria Witch

Without spending a single $L, I think I made a fabulous avatar for Halloween 2017. Most of the costume is from the Elleria avatar found in the Linden Library at the bottom of your Inventory window, but here’s the details: Note the pet bat. It is from a different Linden avatar. The Lumae skin is […]

What’s in My Closet: A Demon

Once again I got involved, perhaps a bit too heavily this time, in creating an outfit, though this time totally without clothes! Since receiving my SLink Hourglass Body from my wife, I’ve been creating dressable versions with each of the skins I have so I can quickly switch back and forth. The Lumae Jewel Naamah skin […]

What’s in My Closet: A Corset

As has been mentioned, I have two pair of jeans in Real Life, two pair of comfy sneakers, several pair of Crocs, one pair of boots, eight work shirts (between two jobs), one dress (for funerals), plus various T-shirts and sweatshirts. A pretty light closet. In Second Life, I’m a clothes horse. Hardly a week […]

What’s in My Closet: Scary in Grey

So, I saw the movie “Suicide Squad” the other day and when I got past some terrible acting by a couple big names, I was enthralled by the special effects, particularly the particle storm that surrounded a character named “The Enchantress.” Of course, someone in Second Life was excited, too. Without hesitation, I bought the […]

What’s in My Closet: Blue in Red

As is my habit, before logging out last night I rummaged about in my closet for something to wear for the next day’s log-in. Unlike my usual attempts, I wound up with a full, coordinated outfit rather than my usual shorts and a t-shirt. It isn’t often I find myself this impressed with an outfit. […]

What’s in My Closet: A Blog

It has come to my attention today that I am a fashion blogger. Yes. The woman in the underboob T-shirt (Dirty Secrets applier on Maitreya Lara mesh body with a Plastik Astrali Pharagos skin and The Skinnery Echo eyes.), capri pants (coldLogic lepore.brown), boat shoes (ROC), and tied plaid button-up (erratic yvonne – tie-up) so-totally […]

What’s In My Closet: A Blouse

I bought a blouse that I really like. Can you tell? “Romy” blouse from Blueberry  The Skinnery “Sasha” (Toffee) on the Maitreya “Lara” body with SLink hands, Cold Logic “Cuco” jeans, BSN “Ora” eyes, and Exile “Jack” hair. Un-retouched. Optional bra not shown. Click to embiggen or see them on Flickr.

What’s in My Closet: Sporty Uccie

Considering I’m featured on page 84 of the July 2015 issue Busted, an adult pin-up magazine in Second Life, and further considering that I’m well-known for my chestorial endowments (often shown on this blog and on Flickr), you’d be amused to find out that my wife, Angela Seale, prefers ‘sporty’ women. Think she’d like this? […]