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The Official View

From my open mic time at The Pen’s “Espresso Yourself Night” this evening:

BCA Meeting 11 Oct 2016_001

My plan tonight isn’t really to share anything, but to ask you to share some ideas on a little project. Here’s the background:

Some of you may have seen my shout-out in the Bay City Alliance chat on Mole Day deputizing everyone as members of an ad hoc committee. The idea was to nominate and then vote on the idea of making the LDPW Mole the Official Mammal of Bay City. Much like American states have various official symbols: state bird, state flower, state virus, etc. During the vote, those not in favor were encouraged to move to Nautilus.

Needless to say, the vote passed and was deemed unanimous, in part by counting only the YES votes. Then at today’s Alliance meeting a few people agreed that the vote could be considered valid, so I’m proud to announce …

The LDPW Mole is the Official Mammal of Bay City!


Now for your input. Should we have other official symbols? Reminder – we do have an Official Flag. If so, we’ll need categories and suggestions for each so some sort of actual vote could be held. Examples for Maine, USA are at

I propose these categories:

“Bay City: Twice The Prims … Ten Times The Community”
“We Built This City”
“Thanks fer playin!”
“Community You Can Fit Into”
“We Rezzed This City”

“We Built This City”
“S-A T-U-R D-A-Y Night” (an official city song during Ever’s era)
“Route 66”


Black Kite


The Linden

Bay City Brew
Mola Cola

What do you think?

If you would like to make suggestions for new categories or for items in these categories, please leave a comment on this blog post. Please remember that Bay City is themed on the 1945-1965 American urban experience. I’ll be working on a public poll after a while and then try to run this through at a couple Bay City Alliance meetings. Thanks in advance!


Just a girl in virtual places.

One thought on “The Official View

  1. Reblogged this on Virtually Sheree and commented:
    Some of my readers may know that my coffee/tea shop called, Cafe Sheree is located at Bay City – Harwich. I love Bay City and the community spirit here. To have our own official animal and soon, who knows what else is exciting.

    Bay City 2018. Can’t wait.

    Sheree ♥

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