Topless Tuesday Police

I would like to thank Bay City’s Chief of Police, T.J. Hooker (really) his service to our fair city and for not arresting me for this picture.

The police station is in a G-rated sim, Edgartown, and per The Lab, I shouldn’t be topless there while any male avatar isn’t so restricted. This is discrimination but really, I shouldn’t have been there.

What? Uccie agreeing with the No Boobies Rule? Yes. T.J. set up this great build as a role play (RP) environment. As with the rest of Bay City, the 40s-60s era isn’t really suited to topless women. While I’m ready to muck about most of Bay City topless, I do try to respect the wishes of others so don’t expect me to be semi-nude at the station again, unless I’m being arrested.

Hey, T.J.! There’s an idea for an RP for yah ….

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