A Study in Brown

Listening to “A Study in Brown” by Clifford Brown and Max Roach and wondering about my latest skin purchase. If you read my previous blog post, you know that I’ve been having some issues with Second Life skins, mostly I’m a bit too attached to my blue skins. For a week, give or take, I went back to my favorite Caucasian skin to see if I could shake what was happening. Found out I really missed my blue skin. But I also found out that my impression that 99.9% of the Second Life population is Caucasian is right.

I enjoyed my Caucasian look most of the time, but I was just one of the crowd. After hanging out in an alt account for a couple hours, a new idea occurred to me. She has one of those free Tuty’s “Lou” Chocolate skins.

A study in brown.png

Tuty’s “Fatima” Chocolate to the rescue? A really lovely skin I once considered for my Xandah personality, before she adopted a Sub-Continent look with a different Tuty’s skin. A few hundred $Lindens later and I covered my Maitreya body. A friend saw me and said “You are looking GOOOOOD!” so I guess it works.

Then there are the “other” issues. Men who portray women in SL get flak. Women who portray men in SL get flak. Adults as children. Furries. Ponies. In Real Life I’m a pasty-white Irish girl with freckles. Can I really be Black in Second Life?

Aside from the black-skinned alt I have, there have been occasions where I’ve sported a Black skin. Modeling, events, and other needs. At no time have I told people I’m Black in Real Life nor have I implied it. But there have been times I’ve worn dreds from Boon with my brightest blue skin and people have asked “are you really a Black person?” or have commented “dreds are for Black people so you should change.”

While I don’t want to be just another white girl in the crowd when I’m out and about, I don’t want the controversy of other skins – Black, blue, red, or otherwise. Maybe I should just hang out with a full-body alpha and mesh clothes.

A study in brown nude

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