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Feelin’ Blue

Uccie End of the Line.png
Several times in Real Life this last month I’ve been struck with an odd thought – “Why isn’t my skin blue?” It has happened at work, at home, and even when I’ve looked at my hands on the car steering wheel. And I’ve seen my face in the mirror while brushing my teeth and thought “Shouldn’t that face be blue?” And each time, I’ve felt blue, as in depressed. That sort of depression when you know something is out of sorts.

Perhaps I spend too much time in Second Life in my blue skin. Ever since I was a young girl and I learned of the idea of people having different skin colors I’ve wanted to be blue. It just seemed natural. Maybe it is a family thing. My brother CC has wanted to be orange since seeing Oompa Loompas (not in person) and has been orange in SL several times. Another of my brothers has a funny story about green skin, but I shouldn’t say any more. Since joining Second Life I’ve searched for a good blue skin, even trying to make my own.

Now I have a few really good quality blue skins (and several other colors, too) and feel a bit odd when I’m not using one. Even my wife, Angela, says it is a bit disconcerting when I’m using a Caucasian skin, like the Skinnery “Sasha” skin shown above. Perhaps I’m too attached to the blueness. I really don’t know. This is all odd to me. It is quite disconcerting to see what I think must be someone else’s hands or face in Real Life when I don’t see blue.

So, despite reformatting my blog so a picture of me in all my blueness is the background just a couple days ago, I think I’m going to try being my “natural” Caucasian for a week or so in Second Life.

On another note, the picture for this post was shot at Little Coverston (SLurl), one of end of the Zany Zen Railway.

“The seaside village of Little Coverston was a thriving fishing village where the sounds of sea birds and fishermen echoed.  Yet the dedicated folks were unable to keep up with demand.  Thankfully the Zany Zen Railway brought new life to Little Coverston.”

Whether you are a rail fan or not, this superior build is well worth spending some time to visit. Take the train to visit the other stations along the line and you might even see the Galway family retreat.


Just a girl in virtual places.

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