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Zyx is Growing Up


Yes, young Zyx Flux is getting older. She’s 14 years old now (about 2x her SL age) and like all young women she is starting to mature. Every child avatar I’ve met in Second Life has kept their age fixed over the years. My friend Marianne McCann is 8 1/2 years old. Her brother Pygar is 12 years old, and her sister Robin is 10 years old. They’ve not aged since I met them.

Zyx hasn’t always been a child avatar. Back when she was a gardener at the Isle of Lesbos her age was in NeverNever years … like 100 of ours, but young for there. I never got it all worked out. Pretty much she was a gardener … my landscaping storage alt. When Lesbos faded off into the sunset, I got to working on her back story, like why she has a sister/cousin/Aunt with what we perceive to be the same name. It wasn’t long before I decided she would age. When she was nearly 13, she shed her light blue coloring that all pixies are born with and turned a medium brown, showing she was probably going to be a Seelie Court Fae (the other Zyx is an Unseelie Court Fae) as her hormones changed. Her biology is a big twist on the traditional view of the Faerie Courts, but that’s not unusual for me. She was born with antennae, for example. This is Second Life. I can do what I want.

She had these cute little freebie antenna from Epic but “big” Zyx had more substantial, less cute antennae. As you can see from the picture above, “little” Zyx is growing a similar pair as she gets older. And her nails have turned into sharp claws. Not sure yet about making her taller. Maybe tweak her a few inches her and there, but that will probably happen. Now that she’s 14 though, I’m more comfortable with letting her wear clothes like you see above.

It is all part of a plan, or more likely, a plan in progress. But my little girl is growing up, to be sure.

Her story so far ….

Zyx Flux was sent out of the NeverNever to explore life with humans, her sister/cousin/Aunt coming along to keep an eye on her. She got a job with the Bay City Institute for Anomalous Research as a gardener and despite her youth, worked up to Chief Gardener at the Institute’s Arboretum of Rather Atypical Vegetation (SLurl). She keeps busy with learning new magicks, working, exploring our realm, and fighting a crush on Pygar (not good to fall in love with humans, she’s always being told).


Just a girl in virtual places.

3 thoughts on “Zyx is Growing Up

  1. Age is a peculiar thing in SL, innit?

    Fortunately I made a backstory for Orca pretty soon after I joined SL in 2007. Orca is lucky/doomed to stay an eternal 21, come what may. And that although she was born in 1871. These things happen when your father is a steampunk scientist eperimenting with a time machine. Anyhoo, I love being 21, just the right side of the no-mans-land inbetween girl and woman, immature and responsible.

    Uccie, don’t let little Zyx grow up too fast. I mean you prolly made her as she is for a reason. And you gonna miss that aspect of her if you force-adult her.

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