Filling the Cauldron in Second Life

Elico is the creator behind much of what you see at The Bay City Arboretum and was kind enough to visit once, leaving some very kind words. Please help support this wonderful person during this terrible time.

Inara Pey: Living in a Modem World

Filling the Cauldron - click to visit the websiteFilling the Cauldron – click to visit the website

On February 22nd, following a lead from Saffia Widershins, I wrote about the situation involving Second Life creator Elicio Ember and his family. In short, Elicio’s father has suffered a major stroke, and the family is struggling to meet medical costs associated with his treatment.

Since then various groups of people have been putting together ideas, and I’m pleased to announce that we now have THREE ways in which people can and will be able to help Elicio and his family.

Filling the Cauldron

Filling the Cauldron is a week-long in-world event to be hosted at Holly Kai Park on the beautiful Blake Sea.


Saturday, April 1st through Sunday April 9th, inclusive.


  • Live music and DJ performances at the park’s main events venue
  • An art display inspired by Elicio’s work
  • A silent auction
  • A special Design a Garden contest…

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