A Feature I Like. Sorta.

Way back in the Day, I used to take pictures of clothes I owned, usually outfits from creators like the legendary Last Call. You see, back then clothes took a while to rez so it was faster to look at pictures than to put on an outfit when choosing what to wear. As you can imagine, that got spendy after a while. I would do an average of 10 sets a week, spending a 5th of my stipend. The cost got out of control, especially as I was adding clothes to my closet at a good clip.

Damara, by Last Call (July 1, 2008)

Damara, by Last Call (July 1, 2008)

When the Outfits feature was added to the Second Life viewer (not sure when) I was intrigued, but didn’t adopt it right away. I had kept folders of whole sets (copies of skins, clothes, HUDs, etc) for years, bloating my Inventory but allowing me to change super fast. Outfits worked on “links” to items, cutting the bloat. When I got into an Inventory cleansing one day and gave the feature a try and found it especially useful for temporary outfits – “Temp2Day” and “Temp4SLB” and the like, having to change outfits several times a day – and for “Dressable Me” basics (everything but clothes). Since then I’ve found that it has cut my total Inventory count.

The Visual Outfit Browser option in the Appearance Editor/Outfits system went live September 15, 2016 but with the same caveat as my original solution from long ago: You still spend $10 each time you add a photo not already in your Inventory. Today, I added a picture since I had L$10 to burn and I was curious about the process. Very simple. Right-click the folder in the Gallery, chose one of the three options to add a photo (in theory, you could add a photo that comes with many of the clothes you can buy, thus saving the upload cost, or an image you have already uploaded), and away you go (with a 256×256 pixel image added to your Inventory bloat).


There are Object-based and HUD-based solutions like this on the for sale (example) but it amounts to the same thing and they require the same recurring cost.

This could get expensive, but I have a plan. If it is an outfit I know I will wear in the future but not often, it will likely get a picture the next time I wear it. Outfits I wear often and can picture in my head, like the test outfit shown above, probably won’t get a picture.

Of course, all that will go out the window fast, I can imagine, as body parts change (I’ve been messing with Bento heads), Inventory gets lost, or I’m just plain broke. Still, I like the idea. I’m glad I came up with it nearly a decade ago.

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