About Alts, Part Deux

Faithful readers of this blog and mere bystanders who may have seen me in-world know that sometimes I’m a Furry (usually on Fursday or Caturday). Last night I was reminded that I have a full-time Furry Alt, though. Another avatar had a mesh body with a great “skin” that you’d typically find on a Furry and I dug out pictures of Delicate Quandray, the Furry alt that I share with my brother, to show off. Turns out I “outted” Del way back in March of 2011 in a post that showed all my alts.

It then occurred to me that I hadn’t logged her in for sometime. After digging out her password (which my brother had changed) I checked her Inventory and took a nice picture.

She’s still a furry but it looks like my brother bought a neko-style skin for her, also snow leopard, but that was a long time ago. She hasn’t breathed the air of Second Life for about three years, it seems so I took her to Splash, one of the more scenic shops in Our World.

Here’s a run-down of the other alts mentioned in the original article, plus one and minus one.


Xandah wasn’t in-world back in 2011 so she wasn’t listed, but she’s made a few appearances on this blog before now. In the last year I’ve updated her skin and bought a very nice full-body tattoo for her. Mostly she’s my dress-up doll. When I see clothes that just aren’t “me” but that I like, she gets them, particularly lovely items from Zaara.


Let’s keep the mystery about this alt going, though I will mention that she has a better (still free) skin from years ago, nicer hair, and was once partnered to my brother CC Columbo. She has few outfits, but she keeps wearing this one. I don’t know why.


Usra Ostrich is still a mouse – Mousra – but still my twin at heart. It would cost a fortune to duplicate my look with her, though I still might do that some day. But she’s so cute now. It is a shame that Loco Pocos have gone away.


Zyx Flux is still my gardener. She’s doing a wonderful job at the Arboretum (despite the troubles with the Nevernever creeping through). Since 2011 I’ve filled out her backstory a bit. She’s still a pixy, but not a traditional one, since she’s part [redacted]. She was born blue but has since become brown thought she can still become midnight blue when she’s very angry or in “battle mode.” When she’s older (yes, she’s a child avie) she might be blue again like her cousin-sister-aunt, Zyx.


Yes, that Zyx. She’s still blue, but darker. She has a few shades of darker blue and, like her cousin-sister-neice she is sometimes dark midnight blue. I’ve also grabbed a mesh body for her. About that relationship – Who really knows what relationships are in the Nevernever, but she adopts this form in our world when she pops in to supervise her relative, help with her education, or to clean up the kid’s magick messes. According to Zyx, the two don’t share a name. We just hear it that way.


Which brings us back to me, Uccello Poultry (Display Name varies). I’m blue, too. Most of the time (NSFW) but I’m not related to Zyx or to Zyx. In the last 10 years I’ve tried to find a really nice blue skin, even trying to make my own, and playing with other colors, too. This is Second Life, after all. Do we all have to be “normal” human colors? I finally found a few and most of the time I am as you see me in the picture above. I am the ultimate alt of myself.

Or am I? NPChar Resident, not pictured, is an alt of mine, too, for when I need various characters for “things” and I still share male alt with my brother, too.

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