Building Still Matters


One my Alts was out checking old landmarks she had when she found a full-perms shop and a nice shelf that could be used as a wall-mounted standing desk. Being a well-trained Alt she bought the item for me as a gift and I got to putting it in my cabin. The L$95 cost was cheap considering what it might cost to upload such a unit.

If I could upload such a unit. I still have near zero skills when it comes to creating mesh so I’ve gone from an avid builder to an avid buy-and-rez consumer. But the old skills are still valuable. This desk is a case in point.

Resizing: This most basic of skills is still beyond some people. In a world where many items are outlandishly large compared to Real Life counterparts, most items need some tweaking. This item needed to fit a specific space.

Linking and Changing Physics: Knowing that a prim’s Physics Shape Type can be changed to affect the Land Impact (LI) of an item and how linking prims together changes this, too, is of great benefit. Linking the computer to the desk reduced overall LI, but I knew that linking in the cookies, cocoa, and stir fry (the latter items partially concealed in the picture above) would increase the LI, so I didn’t link them to the general build. An anti-fatigue mat at the bottom didn’t affect the LI but adding it means that copies of the final build will always rez at the proper height for the embedded animation. This is old-school skill.

Scripting: Over the years I’ve been able to learn enough about scripts that I can do very simple modifications to very simple scripts, but when I wanted to add a pose to the desk so a poseball wasn’t, needed things got a bit tricky. After searching about how to handle rotations to a pose via a script and remembering rather late that such adjustments would be easier if I used basic prim-handling skills, I finally got it right. Knowing enough about scrips and having some search skills were helpful.

In the end, I have a desk that no one else has, fit to my purpose and well-functioning. A buy-and-rez consumer would profit from learning a bit because building still matter.

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