No Shower Required

Many thanks to my friend Katta for pointing me to this refreshed SL classic. (SLurl)

The Second Life of Экатерина Кобалева

Once upon a time in Second Life, there was a place called The Persian Lesbian Palace. It was the kind of place where everyone stood around in the doorway in their best 2008 system clothes and stared at each other in complete silence or trolled IMs. It was (as someone I knew put it) “the kind of place you want to take a shower after leaving”!

Recently the place has undergone several moves, rebuilds and updates. Today it has magically turned into a quaint Mediterranean village with nice places to hide, water to watch and ruins, rocks and paths to follow. And yes, people still TP in, and stand by the main doorway much the same as they always did. But you cannot please everyone. At least now the place is classy, photogenic and does not require a shower when you leave!

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