The Cat in Bay City

Mucking about in Bay City tonight I happened upon another sighting of The Cat. She broke into the Bay City Courthouse in Edgartown (SLurl). Click any image for a bigger view.

Fortunately, I was carrying my Leica, a darned silent camera, and some fast film. Still, there were times I think she heard me. The first time was, ironically, when a cat wound around my feet while I was outside the window. Finally, she did hear me and waved before whisking away on her “Buck Rogers” flying disc. But I got a couple nice action shots as she leaped from the courthouse to an antenna then onto the police department. I have no idea what she was up to, but I think she was in the new Permits Office. Anyway, I’ve informed T.J. Hooker of the BCPD (and Permit Officer and probably Judge by now). You never know when The Cat is going to strike in Bay City.

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