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Love is Love

Why do we never see the phrase unconditional hate? You’d think we would since the phrase unconditional love is so common. Hate always requires definition and limitation whereas Love is more ephemeral. A target is needed for Hate to be effective (sociologist Georg Simmel postulated that it is expedient to hate an enemy, for example) and often travels hand-in-hand with Fear. Unconditional fear is not a phrase one sees, either. Without a focus, Hate and Fear fall apart. They are ineffective.


Love. Unconditional Love has no such constraints. Love can be targeted and unconditional love can be given or withheld, but it is not dependent on external factors as its opposites are so dependent. Love is simply a state of being. Not so with Greed. Or Envy. Or Lust. You’ve heard of these and like Fear or Hate, each requires a subject. Unconditional love conquers all the so-called Seven Deadly Sins. They have no power against Unconditional Love or even Unrequited Love. Love is Love.

And you never see the phrase Unrequited Hate. Or Unrequited Fear. These emotions cannot exist without a scapegoat. Jews. Muslims. Christians. Hindi. All vilified by someone at sometime as the root of all evil in this world. A group’s mere existence is assumed to be an automatic reciprocation of the feelings against it. All would be better if blank simply disappeared. Or, if we exterminated them.

People with Fear and Hate are completely wrong in this, of course. Logic shows that they will just find another scapegoat for their own inadequacies. If there were no more Gay people or transgendered people or people of a faith other than “the right one” the many social ills attributed to them would still happen. Someone will still find a reason to kill someone else. Someone will still feel the need to belittle or sham someone else. There is no logic in such negative feelings, we know.

We also know (though don’t always admit) that Unconditional Love lets us embrace others despite differences (what some might call inadequacies) and maybe even cherish what makes people unique. This one facet means that love will defeat Hate and Fear. Maybe not expediently. Maybe not easily. Certainly, though, inevitably. Love is Love.



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2 thoughts on “Love is Love

  1. I lived with hate for a very very long time. Letting it go was one of the hardest things i have ever done. It was also one of the best things i have ever done. I am trying my best to raise my children without having any hatred in heir hearts. I no longer hate people, i pity them.

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