Bay City Institute for Anomalous Research

Following is an edited transcript with Professor CC Columbo, director of the Bay City Institute for Anomalous Research (SLurl).

Bay City Instutute for Anomalous Research May 2016_001

Uccie Galway: Why did the Bay City Conservatory move and change its name?

CC Columbo: The Conservatory expanded its mission to proactively gather unusual artifacts as well as to display them so new facilities were needed. The move from Bay City – Dennis to Bay City – Tanelorn was part of this. To reflect the expansion, the name was changed to the Bay City Institute for Anomalous Research. And I wanted an office.


It sounded better than “sketchy” and “timey-wimey” wasn’t completely accurate. The Institute has a singular lack of focus in any respect so “Anomalous” seemed appropriate. Consider that historical artifacts are on display in the Conservatory building alongside archaeological finds and oddities from other realities.

Is this safe?

As far as you know, yes. I have hired another assistant, Geohistoria Farshore, to help ensure the public’s safety.

Wasn’t it your other assistant, Zyx Flux, that created mayhem during the move?

It wasn’t intentional, despite the nature of a pixy to cause mayhem. Zyx used some magicks and her influence in the Nevernever to help the move from one side of Bay City to the other quickly and efficiently.

Wiping out a cemetery and creating a time bubble in the process.

You can’t make scrambled eggs without scrambling the eggs and everyone loves scrambled eggs so that’s not a big issue.

I wasn’t talking about eggs.

It’s an analogy. Think about it. And Zyx has proven very capable to date as Chief Gardner at the Arboretum of Unusual Vegetation (SLurl). No one was harmed and the time bubble issue is being worked on.

Bay City Instutute for Anomalous Research May 2016_003

There are some wild magicks running amuck at the Institute. Isn’t that a problem?

You say problem and I say anomalous. The Goddess Pond in the northwest corner does at times seem out-of-the-ordinary but that depends on how you define ordinary. All the instruments we have cannot confirm that the ground lights seen in the social area actually exist so clearly they are safe.

*cough cough*

And the only dangerous creatures in our collections are safely locked in a cage. We are looking implementing protocols from here on in rather than relying on our fabulous luck to keep our 99.89% safety record.


All the really dangerous items are in the warehouse anyway.

You never mentioned the warehouse before. Can we visit it?

Forget I mentioned that. um. Did I mention our proximity to the Falmouth Hotel?

No, but I knew about that as I can see it from the yard. Any ghostly visits?

Not that I’ve seen. That it might happen is rather exciting, though.

Bay City Instutute for Anomalous Research May 2016_004

Back to Mr. Farshore, then. Is it true he’s a Caledonian spy?

He said he wasn’t and he swore an oath on the Moley Bible so I believe him. His qualifications as an explorer in Caledon are without question.

So you didn’t question them?

Actually, no one answered my questions, but Geo agreed to the lack of pay I was offering and he added some nice items to the collection. I’m sure his swift departure from Caledon in the dark of night isn’t an issue.

I guess his presence is one of those anomalous things because if I recall, Caledon is another reality parallel to ours, right?

Caledon does have its own unique existence, but I employ a pixy from the Nevernever so I don’t see a problem. This special world we live in is limited only by our imaginations and the computer hardware we can afford.

What would you like for people to bring away with them from a visit to the Institute?

It is my hope that people see the collection (which changes now and then, by the way) as an example of how wonderful and diverse Second Life can be. It is open for role play, as well, and the social area is just a peaceful place to gather. As with the Arboretum, the Institute is for everyone, not just me and my staff.

So people can go everywhere on the property?

Even my office, except for you until you do more around the house on the meatspace side of the keyboard. You can look through the windows but pretend there are ban lines just for you. No I’m kidding. You have been a big help in making the Institute what it is. I’d also like to thank Alx Zeiler, Marianne McCann, Angela Seale, and anyone I’ve forgotten for their help. And there are, well, Easter Eggs. That change.

Bay City Instutute for Anomalous Research May 2016_005

Embiggened versions of these photos can be found on Flickr.

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