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Topless Tuesday Trumped

Topless Tuesday 12 April 2016 C “Reality” for Second Life’s Topless Tuesday continues. Shunning glamour pictures that simply glorify breasts (as if they need help), this week I visited quite a few places sans-shirt but my favorite was the Trump election Headquarters (SLurl). Several other images are on my Second Life Profile feed, but I shot a series just for Flickr (click any image here to see it embiggened on Flickr) and this blog.

Topless Tuesday 12 April 2016 B

In case you are wondering: I’m a Bernie Girl. No other candidate respects my views as much as he does. Go figure. FEEL THE BERN!!

Topless Tuesday 12 April 2016 A

The Skinnery “Sasha” (Toffee) skin; Maitreya body; Wasabi-Pills “Drew” hair; L&B/Swear “Lara” jeans; Kokoia “Lubbock” sneakers.


Just a girl in virtual places.

4 thoughts on “Topless Tuesday Trumped

  1. I`ve dabbled a bit with topless tuesday, after carefully reading your posts on this , and after ZZ dropped me a link or six in my mail ! ty zz!, I`ve decided to have another look at Topless Tuesday .. so ty for being inspiring.. keep it up .. !Rose Brigthflame ™

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