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Topless Tuesday Redux

A pernicious trap has ensnared me, has led me astray, has dulled my vision. Slowly, over time, I’ve been glamorizing my breasts on Topless Tuesdays rather than sticking with my original vision of using the day to protest Second Life’s rule that strips women of the right to roam Our World topless while men have no such restriction.

The event’s inaugural blog post on February 19, 2013 was rather tame compared to numerous post over the past few years, but at least the pictures showed me in public, not just lounging around the house in my undies or in a studio modeling a costume. It was real Second Life. Actual places where I could be seen and reported and possibly disciplined by The Lab.

That spirit is coming back. Next week. This week I was way too busy (among other issues) to take a picture. Before I send out the old, though, just one more look at my favorite set piece from the glamor shots.

Waiting on Topless Tuesday

When I get back in the groove, I might then try to take on Flickr (source of the above image), the photo service that said my account had be be set to private unless heavily edited and labeled just because of my boobs.


Just a girl in virtual places.

4 thoughts on “Topless Tuesday Redux

  1. I am all for equality in SL. I think G sims shouldn’t allow anyone to be topless. Or Personally, i think they should never have merged the grids. Let the kids have their own realm. Also child avs should not be allowed to roam unattended. Then they wouldn’t be able to cause a ruckus around nude adults.
    /me marches around LL shouting. “FREE THE TATAS!!! Free tatas for all!! Free chimichangas as well!! only on Tuesday at my streetcart though. Free tatas all the time!!”

  2. Maine, where I live iRL, has a reasonable approach, I think. Anyone may be topless so long as a ruckus isn’t caused. Women are required to wear shirts wherever men are required to wear shirts.

    1. I was laying on a chaise outside my seaside motel room last summer in York when a very very attractive young lady sat down next to me, totally topless mind you, and asked what i was reading. Spent a lovely afternoon conversing with her about various authors.

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