Ivan Suen

Ivan's Gift

From a Bay City Alliance group notice posted today:

All – Just to provide some closure to my announcement that I’m liquidating my land business and donating all proceeds to the charity of Bay City’s choice. I have indeed done such, and tonight all proceeds from my business have been donated to BayCitySL. My only stipulation to my donation is that it be used towards something that would make Ever Dreamscape smile. Please consider drinks on me at the Bay City Brewery.

BayCitySL, your ceremonial check is waiting for you at the brewery.


It is sad to see Ivan Suen leave Bay City and, it appears, Second Life. He has been a big part of our community. My last communication with him was about participating in Second Life’s 12th birthday event. He wasn’t able to participate and became very quiet in Our World thereafter.

The avatar in receipt of the generous gift, BayCitySL Resident (or Mr. Bay, as I call him), is the accountant for the Bay City Alliance, a community-focused group through which the city’s events are coordinated. The late Ever Dreamscape was everyone’s eccentric aunt/cousin/sister/mom for many years and these funds will help us keep Bay City extra eccentric for a long time to come, in her name and Ivan’s.

Thank you, Ivan. You’ve always been kind and polite. I enjoyed your builds in Our World and your company. Best wishes!


Those interested in viewing the very large (in many ways) check pictured above can teleport to the Bay City Brewery with this link. Hoist a pint to Ivan while you are there!


On December 29, 2012 I interviewed Ivan for the Bay City Post. At the time, his identity was kept secret. Pretty sure I can post it here now:

Publish as “A. Nonymous”
1. What brought you to Second Life?
I don’t know how to answer this… Second Life is the universe and we are all here, I don’t think anybody took a train or plane in from any other place to get here. All of a sudden I came into existence into the world. People say it was because someone in this place called “Real Life” created me, and that this “Second Life” is a representation of their imaginations. But how can this place not be real? We’re all here and look at all we’ve built!

2. What brought you to Bay City?
In around 2010 I moved from a private estates to Bay City because it had a very interesting layout that would make people interact and not sit isolated. The lack of ban lines seems to show that it’s working.

3. Everyone in Bay City seems to have a job or favorite activity. What is yours in Our Fair City?
I run a land rental business, and also do building and scripting jobs from time to time.

4. Do you spend much time outside Bay City?
I enjoy the Blake Sea areas as well as exploring around all the mainland continents when I’m not roaming Bay City.

5. What advice would you give to someone looking to move to Bay City?
Challenge yourself with the theme and the community. Whatever it is you do, create something that is part of the city.

6. Bay City is not like typical Mainland, of course, but what do you think of the “wild frontier” outside Bay City?
There are sections of the Mainland that are very interesting and well developed. But there is also a lot that is not, either because it has no sense of scale or because it’s stuck in the ancient past (lots of fullbright walls, too blocky, doesn’t fit in with locale, etc).

7. Do you consider your Second Life personna a “character” or a representation of who you are in Real Life?
I’d have to refer you to #1 above. According to the ancient teachings and texts, we were all created in our creator’s image in that legendary place called “Real Life”. It must be a fantastically diverse place since we citizens of Second Life are people, robots, dragons, kittens, and more. So “Real Life” must be amazingly diverse if we are all created from the dreams and desires of that world.

8. Do you have a philosophy for Second Life?
Not anymore. Other than just be a nice person.

9. What ONE thing should anyone not looking in your Profile know about you?
I brew beer at the Bay CIty Brewery when I’m not otherwise running amok.

10. Any last thoughts you’d like to add?
“42 – That’s the answer.”


  1. Ivan, you are a blessing and Ever is smiling as only Ever could. It is a shame that the price is your absence, SL needs people of your character 😦 I wish you sunshine always..


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