Topless Tuesday 6X


Happy Topless Tuesday! I’ve had this picture in mind for a while and I finally got around to it. I have two “daily driver” skins in Second Life, the ones on each end of the picture, but I do change up my look depending on the situation/event/day/whim. Of course, I have other skins, but I don’t wear them as often.

From left to right:

Basic Uccie: The Skinnery Sasha Bare Faced -Toffee
Basic Glam: Lumae Adore 5 Amber Tinselberry
Fantasy Gold: Lumae Eirtae Solaris
Neko: Lumae Adore Djinn
Fantasy Demon Lumae Jewel Naamah
Daily Skin: Lumae Adore Aegean.

Common to each shot: Maitreya Lara body, Ayashi Makoto hair, Open Collar 4.0 collar. Eyes vary in each picture and I will change up often. Of course, each look has added features such as special ears, horns, etc., as needed and this could vary by outfit, too.

The images that compose this collage are individually posted in my Photostream on Flickr and in the Nudes & Topless Flickr album.

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