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Topless Tuesday Demon Update

Way back in 2012 I sumbitted several photos to Second Life’s Busted Magazine‘s Halloween issue and as luck would have it, they were accepted. Today’s Topless Tuesday picture is an update, of sorts, of one of those pictures.

Topless Tuesday Demon Update 02 Feb 2016
Click the picture to an embiggend version on Flickr

The original is below. A Lumae skin on a Maitreya mesh body replaced a Heartsick skin on a standard body. Interestingly, the same creator made both skins. The older, user-tinted Lolas Pushup breasts were replaced by Lolas Delicqs with a skin applier. Mesh yoga pants from Blueberry in the new photo instead of some Linden-made pants and boots that I still like round out the major changes. No tentacles this time and the knife is now sheathed in the hair.

Uccello Poultry - Busted 2012 Halloween 01
The new set I made is nicer and the lighting is much better, IMHO. I hope you enjoy. I might get around to re-creating the whole series one day. Happy Topless Tuesday!


Just a girl in virtual places.

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