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Second Screen Fursday

SL On an iPad_001
Happy Fursday! See what’s on Clever Kitty’s monitor?  Maybe we should zoom in …

SL on an iPad Full

Second Life on an iPad?!?! What sort of feline magic is this?

With $8 USD burning a hole in my pocket (not really, but I’m giving up my weekly Burger King treat), I downloaded Duet, for my iPad (normally $14.95 USD) and grabbed the free desktop companion. A couple reboots later and Voilà! almost. Really, I had to spend several minutes with not-so-good documentation figuring out how it works. Experienced dual monitor users shouldn’t have a problem.

Sure, I have some free software that does this and there’s probably a way to Airplay this somewhere, but Duet is hardwired so there is no wireless delay. Pretty nifty. Not exactly sure what I’m going to use it for. My wife likes to share YouTube music videos with me and since I run Second Life full-screen, I could easily toss her links to a browser on the second display rather than go through the tedious shared link process in the browser.


Just a girl in virtual places.

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