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Space Babe!

After acquiring the Hero outfit from Addams, a vendor at the Epiphany gacha, I wondered what to do with it. Sure, I could have made a super hero costume, but the main piece struck me as a sort of wetsuit and I thought through several options. But when I was trying on hair I got the idea for Space Babe!!

Space Babe Comic

Or Space Gal. Not sure which I like better. The latter is more in line with the 50s Sci-Fi B-Movie idea that struck me. So I took quite a few pix with the idea of “Warholizing” the results.
Space Babe Ala Warhol 01

I used various filters in the Second Life viewer Snapshot filter after choosing a good Windlight photo. Click the photo above to see a description on Flickr, including how the comic book version was made.

I also wondered what a frame of film from such a movie might look like so I used the Toy Camera filter in Snapshot.
Alien Space Gal Toy Camera
Despite liking this result, I know I could grunge it a bit to look more like an old film frame, even going as far as to turning it into a strip of film, but I’ll setttle for this.

Marianne McCann contacted me and asked if she could use a version of the version top-right of the quadriptych at the top, shot with the 70s Color filter. I hope to see it soon.


Just a girl in virtual places.

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