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Your Vote Counts!

New Pool in Bay City_001

The pool that replaces the Molexandria archaeological dig in Bay City – Barnstable (SLurl) is nearly complete. The LDPW’s Garden Mole has been working his paws to the bone to complete this generous contribution to Our Fair City. While chatting with him today I found out the name wasn’t yet carved in stone (so to speak) so we came up with the idea of a poll to let you, Dear Reader, put in your two $Lindens worth (though participation is really free). Vote soon because the poll closes .. erm .. soon.

Pretty good chance the most popular name will be chosen, but it needs to pass ToS and such. Poll closes at Midnight SLT on the 23rd so vote!


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22 thoughts on “Your Vote Counts!

  1. My serious answer: I would love to see Ever/ Crystal honored in some way in the build. It doesn’t *need* to be in the name, but it could simply be a part of it. Something made out of crystal, maybe with butterflies – or even just some silly something that will remind us of her, and the stories she might tell. I know she always wanted a public pool, and the proximity to her places seems fitting.

  2. I agree that it seems right to have Ever honored with this pool, particularly since it’s at “her” intersection. Just thinking about the old “Stinky Pink” and Y-Stay buildings and all her shenanigans with them (and with the nearby Park Plaza) makes me smile.

  3. Everdream Pool is nice, but I like the more formal Ever Dreamscape Memorial Pool better. I really think it should be named after her, but that’s just my fancy thought.

  4. hmm… Someone should tell Garden Mole to purchase and post a Dreamscape insurance policy for the pool. I’m sure the Moles’ are gonna need it!

  5. The Bay City Diamond Municipal Pool
    The Crazy Diamond Pool
    The Dreamscape Diamond Pool

    You probably get the idea … variations on a Crazy Diamond theme.

  6. There seems to be considerable Consensus on Crystal Pool. I propose Blue Crystal Pool since the crystals in the fountain are blue and it would also honor BluGin Yifu, a beloved early leader of Bay City. Comments?

  7. I much prefer Crystal Blue Pool. I didn’t know BluGin but I think the name both honors their memories and inspires persuasions.

  8. Sounds like we need a new poll, or something to determine Crystal, Crystal Blue, Blue Crystal, orBay City Municipal.

    As an aside to the latter, there already is a Municipal Pool in Bay City: that is the official name of the wading pools in Morton and its Westside counterpart.

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