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Fat Packs & Inventory

Sorting Inventory 15 Jan 2016
Since adding a mesh body to my Inventory, I’ve been trying to re-strategize my wardrobe so it behaves more like my Real Life (RL) clothes options. For work, I have four company shirts, all identical except one is long-sleeved. Dress code lets me wear a skirt (I don’t own one), jeans (I have two nice pair) or khaki slacks (I have one pair). Any footwear is acceptable, even Crocs (those rubber clogs everyone who doesn’t wear them hates).

Sure, I have a “fatpack” of Crocs in RL with seven pair in various styles and colors. And I have quite a few solid-color T-Shirts that together might be a so-called fatpack. But everything else is a single and in one color. One dress. One pair of dress shoes. One pair of boots. One thong (I have a load of all-white granny panties). In Second Life (SL), I used to buy a lot of fatpacks – five or more of the exact same garment but in different colors, often sold at a discount compared to separately buying each or having an added bonus of some sort.

Who does that in RL? Rich people, maybe. Someone with a shoe fetish (my Crocs aren’t a fetish; people give them to me), perhaps. But all I hear about in Our World is the big bundles. In the picture above (I’m stretching while sorting Inventory), I’m wearing grey slacks. I have the same pair in brown. That’s it. I didn’t need all 10 colors. The leather top is new and I could have bought a fatpack with 12 colors. Making outfit combos would have been easier, but I know that over time I’d be wearing the same two or three colors over and over, so like my RL choices I decided to buy one top and make it work.

One shop has some really nice crop top shirts I’m fighting myself over so I don’t buy a third one. And I see that I have more than a few pair of jeans and jean shorts (all different styles and colors from several creators). Still, I’m trying. It’s not my fault that the pumps I recently bought happened to have a color changing HUD thus effectively making it a fatpack (really, it as cheaper than buying a single color).

With some time, as I pack up old clothes for storage (I wish I could donate them to an in-world charity for underprivileged avatars), I am gradually making my virtual wardrobe resemble what is in my physical closet. And then I’ll whittle down the 30 or so hair styles, the 18 different skins, the 24 different sets of eyes, ….


Just a girl in virtual places.

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