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No, I haven’t blogged


Outside The Lab
See it on Flickr to embiggen.

To be honest, I haven’t felt like blogging. Well, there was the one time shortly after I bought this lovely Adore-Nyx skin from Lumae (SLurl). The delivery packaging is impressive. Like many creators, Lumiya Rae set it up as a HUD so no rezzing is needed, but she improves the idea by using the HUD as an instructional tool, listing features and content and showing example pictures, instead of just having the store logo.

That idea passed quickly despite how impressed I was with the experience (and the bargains on Lumae’s whole line of skins, on clearance till the end of the year), so I simply sat around, not blogging. Nor did I blog when I first took this post’s picture. My friend Marianne McCann had made a wonderful photo set which replicated the outside of Linden Lab’s Second Life offices in (so called) Real Life. After posting this picture to the MySL “feed” I had intended to post it here, too, with the original message “Thank you, Linden Lab. With Second Life I can be the way I see myself in my mind’s eye.”

Wait. I guess I just did.


Just a girl in virtual places.

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