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Topless Tuesday Illegality

At the risk of my account being suspended, I ran through Linden Realms (LR) totally topless today. Well, really, I composed a shot (lighting, framing, animation, outfit) and took off the clothing layer covering my top and snapped a picture then dressed again. A total of about 10 seconds each for the three images I took. What might lead to the suspension (no Lindens read this blog, right?) is the fact that Linden Realms is a G-rated region. Residents under the age of 18 years can access this Second Life game. If I had been within anyone’s draw distance (and radar told me I was totally alone) I could be cited.

With all the cheating that happens in LR, especially of late, and the idea behind Topless Tuesday (women should be able to be topless wherever men may be), was I really violating the Terms of Service or was I staging a protest? The latter, I think, and will cite such if I am suspended (really, Lindens don’t read my blog, do they?). So here’s my picture:

Click to embiggen or see it on Flickr.
Click to embiggen or see it on Flickr.

Despite my endowments, I would say that this is a minor violation. But you tell me. Which is more of a problem in LR – my being topless or cheating like you see in this video?

While The Lab is working on upgrading security in Linden Realms, one can readily spot speed boosters, flight enablers, jump enhancers, graphics card crashers (once they clear an area of competitors, they run to grab valuable crystals), bullies, and campers (these sit and wait for valuable crystals to rez). Talk to any of them (most speak Russian or Portuguese but might understand English or a language you know) and they admit they don’t get suspended when caught. And creating another free account to play is easy.

After thinking about it often, I don’t understand the camping strategy. In the hour it takes to for one green crystal to appear after one is grabbed (in the same spot you can memorize) a decent player can gather loads of lower value crystals for a higher total cash out value. Sure, you have to keep running rather than look at your computer every 58 minutes, but I still don’t see the pay out for campers.

Moving faster simply isn’t caught at this time. And if you are caught flying there is a way to avoid getting sent home by the security clouds so these methods would pay out more. All these add up to an income loss for Linden Lab (not counting the “skim” from cashing out for Real Life currency). I’d say a woman’s bare breasts are far less of a problem

So, Happy Topless Tuesday!!


Just a girl in virtual places.

2 thoughts on “Topless Tuesday Illegality

  1. LR, lol im premium and i never went to one of those, it is not only for premium members, that would make it much less sensible to cheating as any would not risk its premium ac
    ount to do so.

  2. » I’d say a woman’s bare breasts are far less of a problem«

    Huh? I’d say a woman’s breasts are NEVER a problem! Heck, we bishies love to run around topless and enjoy equal rights … and the boys? Ever heard any of ’em complaining about your girls? I really have no fukn clue how we ever got to those totally senseless laws regarding topless women in public. Are we muslimas or wot?

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