Et Alt

Headshot XandahToday, I was Xandah. At first, I meant to log in as my Alt from India* just to have her grab a shirt in support of a charity fundraiser (see here) but my wife logged in, too, so we sat on the swing at the Bay City Arboretum (Slurl) for a chat and a cuddle rather than take the time for me to log out then log back in as Uccie. I teased that Angela was making out with a family friend and that Uccie better not find out, all in good fun.

Somehow we got on the topic of SLebrities, those names/avatars that everyone seems to be familiar with for ill or for good, and Xandah (me) remarked:

[12:53] Xandah: And so many are faux-lebrities. So many people copy [redacted name]’s style for example, but I think [another redacted name] (et alt) is a far, far better artist.
[12:53] Xandah: et alt … gotta write that down
[12:53] Xandah: damn .. that’s good
[12:54] Angela Galway: yeah

And there it was. et alt.

The concept that has been rattling around in my mind for so long. Expressing that one Resident’s various “characters” are all in some way the embodiment of that typist. It has a name now.

Et alt. As if writing a citation for several authors. Uccie, et alt.

I am Xandah. And Uccie. And Zyx Flux. And …

I am all these women and a man (secret identity time!). Or when I log in as one of two alts I share with my brother, s/he is also me. Just different parts of me. Uccie, et alt.


*Poultry Report posts with Xandah here.


  1. Xandah the thinker in your gang? Not saying the others are stupid but ‘et alt’ really is very clever, and Uccie’s RL … pfff, a trolley girl in supermarket. Must be mentally handicapped or sumfink. So Xandah for President!!!


  2. Physically handicapped, actually. I lost count of the number of jobs I applied for only to find I wasn’t qualified Someone who spent the last 10 years as a home care aide and thus had no “real” work experience – the stated reason for not hiring someone who can’t speak. So I’m a Trolley Girl. And a Bagger. And a Cashier. I’m teaching basic American Sign Language to fellow employees and some regular customers. My employer is also rethinking the ways in which it is and isn’t complying with the Americans with Disabilities act due to my presence.

    Xandah is my international explorer, trying to learn how others live and cope, particularly with discrimination for being brown instead of white. See


    1. Ya, I now hun, I know. And at least you’ve been promoted to cashier, that is something, isn’t it? However I don’t expect supermarket cashiers to be so “pilosophical”, know what I mean? Anyway, Xandah is my new role model! 🙂


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