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Topless Tuesday Simplicity

Click to embiggen or see it on Flickr.
Click to embiggen or see it on Flickr.

There is no way I could undress like this at work. And “Free the Nipple Day” was a couple days ago (source). But today is Topless Tuesday so here I am.

Wait. Work?

I’m now a Trolley Girl at a local supermarket. I started about a couple weeks ago, bagging groceries, restocking product, and (yes) bringing shopping carts in from the parking lot. The latter is fun in the rain. The bagging part is … *sigh* … physically demanding. I have bruises all over my belly from leaning on the check stand and getting poked with the bag holders. Typical, I’m told, but it looks like I’ve been beaten and I cried when I saw them. Too many memories.

Next week I should start training as a checker. Apparently I’m not a very good bagger, or not as good as they’d like for me to be, so I’m bagging for a while. And they are still debating the whole non-verbal issue. It will be hard to ask the customer “Did you find everything you needed?” My suggested solution: Let the bagger ask. DOH! No one thought of that.


Just a girl in virtual places.

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