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Linden Realms Changes Coming?

Tyrah's Workshop in Linden RealmsLinden Realms Watcher: !! ARE YOU CHEATING? !!

No, I was just sitting in Tyrah’s Worshop in Linden Realms to think about what changes might come to this game now that PaleoQuest has been released when I was nailed by my own bug report. It wasn’t that long ago that I and Hexapoda Resident documented several cases of cheaters in Linden Realms sitting on rocks and trees and such so others would not bump them while they waited for high-value crystals. Not long after we reported it, LR Linden arranged for the Linden Realms Watcher to catch people sitting on objects, even ones out of the gameplay area, like you see above. Despite standing I was still sent home.

While I’m writing this, I’m using a ground sit next to a caged rock monster and being ignored by security. You won’t get booted from Linden Realms for this or for standing still. And as per my most recent test, you can sneak in some flying, too, if you know the trick. Of course, if you fly high enough for long enough …

You have been teleported home by the object ‘Death Volume’ on the parcel ‘Devil’s Canyon’

… a cute, angry, wind-blowing cloud or two will chase you and send you Home. If you want to play again, back to a Portal Park.

I expect some of this to change now that PaleoQuest is here. After I found (with Hexapoda’s help) that one could fly in the new game like one could in Linden Realms, I reported it and a change was implemented almost immediately. Before, flying high enough or fast enough would attract a Pteranodon to send you back the quest start. Since the change …

PaleoQuest No Fly Security:: Flying in PaleoQuest is not allowed. Please feel free to come back through the entry portal. Thank you.

… and you are booted to your Home spot within a minute. If you simply stand in place for about 4-5 minutes, you are sent back to the quest start:

LDPW PQ2015 Security Pteranodon: You are suspected of using a speed enhancer or you have been immobile for too long! Either way, I am teleporting you to the nearest Resurrection Circle, but not eating your collectible items this time.

It is nice to see The Lab has thought of speed enhancers in PaleoQuest as they are a bane in Linden Realms. I haven’t tested one in either game, but I do see them in use by crystal chasers in Linden Realms and have reported exact data to The Lab. In theory, my AO has a “movement enhancer” but it doesn’t speed up my running. It can make me fly faster and jump higher/farther, but I don’t use it.

I’ve been told on Deep Background (meaning I can’t reveal the source) that security changes are coming to Linden Realms and I suspect that they will closely resemble those introduced with PaleoQuest. This could be part of a rumored refresh coming to the nearly five-year old game. When the Grid Hunt was introduced in 2013, an attempt was made to tie Linden Realms game into an overall story involving Magellan Linden’s arch-rival the Evil Doctor Talpa. Not many people caught on, in my opinion, so I expect a stronger move to be made with a Linden Realms refresh.

Of course, if you look around Second Life at the many Linden Department of Public Works (LDPW) builds in Our World (find most here) you’ll see the same theme while you have lots of fun.


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