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PaleoQuest: The Pictures

PaleoQuest. The Evil Dr Talpa (remember him from The Grid Hunt?) is once again trying to destroy The Grid and Magellan Linden is rallying the Residents to defeat this evil mastermind. Welcome to Second Life’s latest game and it’s a doozey.

Since you can play the PaleoQuest game once a week (for a big prize – you can play all you want for fun) I visited today just do take a few pictures after completing the run yesterday. Click to embiggen them or see them in my PaleoQuest Flickr album.

PaleoQuest portal

You start at a Portal Park (like this one) and walk through the archway. On your first visit, you will be asked to allow the game to control various parts of your experience such as attachments, teleports, etc. It’s safe, so go for it. Pro Tip: Every once in a while the portal will announce that it is serving different instances of the game (1, 2, …) so if you want to go with your friends, all of you should go through at once.

PaleoQuest landing

After that, you’ll land in the .. um .. landing area.

PaleoQuest barAs seen in an earlier post, you can visit a bar outside the main building. Look for crates around the bar for some really swell gifts. If you see me at PaleoQuest, there’s a good chance I’ll be here if I’m not playing.

PaleoQuest Magellan statue

Don’t hesitate to explore. The build is really lovely and you can even see a statue (or several) of Magellan.

PaleoQuest lobby

Go inside the main building to view tutorials, check out the fabulous prizes, and generally learn what to do in the game, then head up the stairs to start the quests.

PaleoQuest game start

Pick up a tram for a ride to the first quest. While you wait you could grab a lovely beverage from one of the several vendors on the platform. In a hurry? Use the teleport pad. There is one at each station to take you to the next station. It’s all one-way so you’ll have to do some hopping or riding to get back to the start.

PaleoQuest Quest 1 Pyramid

Quest 1: The Pyramid – You need to scale a mountain, walk a tightrope, grab a precious artifact, and avoid the pteranodon before you really get going on the mission goal, all without dying (too often). Like all the quests, you can collect blue or pink “collectibles” along the way, but if you are interrupted at any time (i.e., if you die) you lose your whole collection.

PaleoQuest Quest 2 Nessie

Quest 2: Nessie – More dinosaurs, including a very famous one, can be found at this challenge. No two trips around the path from start to finish will be the same, but if you persevere you’ll make it. Turn your computer volume up and listen for dinos and you’ll stand a better chance of surviing.

PaleoQuest Quest 3 Pirates

Quest 3: Pirates – Probably the hardest of all the quests. This one takes patience, keyboard skills (lots of precision jumping) and time. You’ll find a variety of things and critters trying to kill you, but if i can get through, you can, too.

PaleoQuest Quest 4 Satellite

Quest 4: Satellite – Despite seeing this satellite from the tram station I actually had to look hard for it. I was dizzy and tired from the previous quests. Don’t feel that you have to power through in one day like many of us have done. Take regular breaks to stand and stretch and get a beverage or two.

PaleoQuest Quest 5 DNA

Quest 5: DNA Sample – Possibly the easiest quest and quite fun. It’s probably the cotton swab (an important part of Mole lore, if you’ve been to the secret Mole lab in Bay City [SLurl]) that makes it fun.

PaleoQuest tram

Once you have the sample, it is time to head back for your prize so hop on the tram (or use the teleport pad) and return to the main building.

Marianne McCann with her new friend

This is Marianne McCann with an ultra-rare prize. You can run the five quests once a week then claim a random prize, either common, rare, or ultra-rare. Dinosaur avatars, rideable dinos, cute plushies, and more await you. Once you’ve done this, go back and collect the red and blue collectibles then turn them in for cash (20 blue ones = $L1 and 20 red ones = $L2; Youc an cash in up to 200 items per week).

Yes, there are bugs in the game and not just the spiders that will eat you, either. I watched a guy calmly sitting on the tram when out of the blue he got electrocuted as if he had touched one of the many fences on the property. And since the LDPW Moles are involved, you know there’s plenty of humor in the build.

Sounds like a fun but rewarding challenge. Remember Magellan’s call to “Save the Grid!” and play today.


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