PaleoQuest Opening Day

This group of pictures is from my Profile feed and in mostly no particular order. I can’t identify everyone in the images but you are welcome to tag them in the post Comments. Click to embiggen. Eventually they are in my PaleoQuest album on Flickr.

PaleoQuest Opening Day 06

Yes! Magellan! This was actually my first pic with the Great Explorer. I had to chase him then quickly frame a shot … any shot … before he escaped again. Before I could hit the Post button he as through the portal and on to PaleoQuest. Kennylex Luckless is next to Magellan Linden. Abnor Mole is in a T-Rex costume. Ancient Mole is behind Magellan with the cool hat. Everyone else is a Linden or Mole.

PaleoQuest Opening Day 04

Patch Linden, Magellan Linden, Me, and Kennylex Luckless.

PaleoQuest Opening Day 02

Marianne McCann joins me, Patch, and Magellan.

PaleoQuest Opening Day 05 PaleoQuest Opening Day 03 PaleoQuest Opening Day 01

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