Portage Bay 2015-07-25

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Earlier today I left Bay City’s New Port Yacht Club in a kayak and paddled north past ANWR and then headed west along the coast. The third set of ban lines stopped me by actually returning my boat about an hour or so into my journey. Honestly, I was surprised I got that far. It was a fun trip with no serious problems with region crossings and I was able to enjoy some nice scenery. Without having to worry about big problems like I faced the other day when my friend Kennylux and I drove and flew from Poecila to Natoma across two continents I was able to think about a few things.

Premium accounts should be able to pass through ban lines. That might be a bit severe, but what do ban lines really accomplish? I can cam into a banned parcel and even inspect items on a banned parcel. Odds are any skybox is well above where ban lines stop working so there is no point.

If we can’t arrange for that then let’s withdraw permission for ban lines to be used on land adjacent to public lands such as roads and waterways. Look. I’m driving past your property without the intent to stop. Your ban line made me stop, disabled my vehicle, and forced me to look at your crappy build. From here on out I’m going to shame your lack of building skills and/or sense of aesthetics by taking pictures of your banned property if your lines impede my journey.

In several places along the public waterway I stopped and cammed under the water to enjoy the lovely seascaping created by The Lab and wished I could anchor my boat and slip into the water to swim or scuba. My boat would have been returned within two to five minutes. Not a problem if I had been near a rez zone, but there would still have been at least some nusiance factor.  If I had been able to just get back into my kayak and paddled away would have made the experience more immersive (pun intended).

I guess that’s the nature of Our World. It’s very real but it isn’t very real. Out of the blue AOL chatrooms appear and people text me like they have my mobile number. Really, how different from AOL chatrooms are group chats anyway? And Instant Messages are basically just mobile texts. You can have them forwarded to your email and even reply to them from offline. One day I’m going to try the “Only my Friends can IM me” feature. After all, no one in Real Life can text me if they don’t know my mobile number.

There are vast swaths of abandoned land across our world. Pitty. Maybe it should be divided up and sold to people who only want privacy. Permanent ban lines, privacy walls, Invisible-From-Outside options, and all. Like little islands. No roads, no infrastructure, no landscaping that messes up your neighbor’s parcel.

Your land is allotted a percentage of the total region population. By default, a public region can hold 40 avatars. Do you own 10% of the region? You can have four avatars on your land. Is your neighbor not at home? Then whatever allotment they have is added to public pool so you can have more than four avatars, but if they are home, you could lose access to some of that public pool. No, this won’t work. *sigh*

In silence I paddled. No background music. No TV. Just the sound of my boat and whatever nature sounds there were in the regions I visited. A nice, random trip filled with random sights spurring some random thoughts.

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