Butch Hair Fair

At this year’s Hair Fair in Second Life I found nothing I wanted to buy so I dropped my L$ limit into a donation box and grabbed a couple freebies from vendors. Turns out one is a keeper.

Click to embiggen.

Click to embiggen.

This “Jack” from Exile’s “Hair Fair 2015 – Jack and JIll all or nothing- Exile” freebie at the event. As the name implies (and the pic below shows) the gift is for men and women. Shaved around with a mop top always struck me as a bit femme for men and butchly-femme on women. Next RL haircut time I should forego my usual #2 razor all around and try this style. Sadly, I won’t be able to match the near infinite number of colors included with the dozen texture HUDs in the set.

Click to embiggen. Visit here to get this free gift.

Click to embiggen.
Visit here to get this free gift.

When I snapped this last pic I was standing next to the sign and a behemoth of a guy wearing the same skin, clothes, and shape that at least 75% of all men in SL wear and this hair to boot. It made me think that most men in SL either favor this style or something wild and shaggy. Then I thought “But I make it look good.”


  1. Agree with the bit about ” femme for men and butchly-femme” but again some might see it completely different. Shall we dig a trench and see what happens, lol


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