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No more improvements planned for

Inara Pey: Living in a Modem World

During the Meet the Lindens conversation held at SL12B on Thursday, June 25th which featured Danger Linden, Senior Director, Product, Virtual Worlds and Troy Linden, Senior Producer, a question was asked about the SL feeds – also referred to as – and whether they would continue to be developed or enhanced.

Danger Linden was direct and honest in his reply:

That’s a though one, because I don’t think anyone’s going to like the answer … The short answer is no.

It’s kind-of a mess, and it’s very difficult to maintain; it’s usage rate is on the low side compared to other feature. So, it may not be a popular answer, but no more improvements are planned on that. has had something of a chequered history. Web Profiles first appeared in 2011, growing out of the Lab’s attempt to provide a social media style capability to users with the…

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