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Looking at my Rez Date you’d think I’ve been in Second Life just a scant nine years. Nay, I say! I spent a while on the Teen Grid, but I abandoned that account nine years ago today and started afresh. New me. New start.

Profile Pic June 2015

Thanks to Our World, I am nearly over all my Real Life phobias. Just this morning I was in Burger King, the only woman in a room full with nearly a dozen males. Ten years ago you couldn’t have bribed me with enough cheeseburgers to do that. I didn’t want to go outside. I feared everyone, especially men. I’d panic if the postal carrier was walking on our lawn (double so if it was a guy). I was on tranquilizers just to go to school and be in rooms with people I’d known my whole school life.

Second Life was a safe environment. When I landed on the Main Grid (still with the guidance of the RL therapist that put me on the Teen Grid) I stuck to myself, but I was outside. My brother, CC Columbo in SL and just CC in RL, had some land and gave me a home. He took me to a women-only resort called the Isle of Lesbos. I stayed there most of the time and tentatively explored Our World. Gradually, I became comfortable with me and my limits and then I started growing. Eventually, I met all sorts of people. Men, women, furries, aliens, fae, whatever. Eventually, I joined other communities, notably Bay City, and kept growing.

Today, nine years later, I’m on the management staff of the Second Life Birthday Celebration, one of Our World’s biggest events. The people of Bay City (okay, a subset of same) voted me to be Miss Bay City. Employees of The Lab sometimes contact me about my blog or things I’ve posted on, and people I consider to be SLebrities – movers and shakers in our community – even stop to say “Hi!” if they see me. Please don’t take that as bragging (though, in truth, it might be a little bit). Take that as an example of what Our World can do. It can take a scared young girl and help her become a woman with less fear, greater strength, and unique experiences. In just nine years, in my case.


Just a girl in virtual places.

12 thoughts on “Nine

  1. I always sensed an inner strength Uccie, but was not aware of the struggle to gain it. Triumph is easy to spell but not easy to achieve and you girl have. Kudos.

    Few realize just how many have come to their own in SL and how many have lost the battle in RL but could recalled happy last days here on the grid. We both know of one as a common friend and there were others. This is the side of SL that leaves one awe struck in thought.

    Will comment again in 9 more years but for now a hug and a kiss for a special person….


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