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Topless Tuesday Comparisons

A couple times in the last week I was told for no reason within my ken that I was well known for my breasts. Sure, I know they are often featured on this blog or on Flickr, but I generally don’t make a spectacle of them around the people with whom I was speaking at the time. So I thought it was well time I compared my various looks again.

Clockwise from Top Left: Regular, Busty, Super, & Extra. Click to embiggen or see it on Flickr.
Clockwise from Top Left: Regular, Busty, Super, & Extra.
Click to embiggen or see it on Flickr.

My Regular shape (top left) is what I wear with system layer clothes and non-fitted mesh clothes. Breast size is 58, 44 Buoyancy, and 20 Cleavage. This suits the so-called standard for non-fitted mesh and minimizes texture squishing for system layer clothes.

My Busty shape (top right) gets little use by itself of late, but works well with certain tops that I have. Breast size is 80, 49 Buoyancy, and 20 Cleavage. As with the previous shape, I wear some prim nipples if I’m nude or topless with this shape.

My Extra shape (bottom left) is really my Regular shape but wearing my Lola’s Delicq “Implants” breasts. This combination best matches my Real Life breasts though it is hard to accurately judge size. Being fitted mesh, Buoyancy and Cleavage can be changed with sliders, but I seldom do that.

My Super shape (bottom left) is an example of this. Same Lola’s Delicq implants as before but with my Busty shape as a base. I switch in and out of this combination on a whim. Really, it is a bit cartoonish but quite the spectacle. Perhaps seeing me like this is what prompted the “known for” comments.

Or maybe they caught me in my Maxxed shape (not pictured). I very rarely wear that shape with the breast size slider at 100. Usually I wear it for a joke or for the occasional photo shoot. I fear that if I wore it too often I’d become infamous (though quite popular with some girls I know).


Just a girl in virtual places.

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