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Fun in New Port, Bay City

The New Port Yacht Club in Bay City (SLurl) has scenic views and a couple boat rezzing zones which means that just about anyone would enjoy a visit. Instead of putting a boat in my slip I dropped in some fun boat rezzers that anyone can use, club member or not.

New Port Fun 01

My slip is next to Marianne McCann’s, a prime location near the landing area. I waited a long time to get this one but it is promised to Dakota Schwade if I give it up. Here you’ll find rezzers for kayaks, bumper boats, and the fun Escapades rezzers for a squid, a whale, and a tiny tugboat.
New Port Fun 02

Here’s the Escapades rezzers. Really cute fantasy vehicles made by Loki Eliot. Click a barrel and hop on! Lots of fun.

New Port Fun 03

This kayak rezzer is rather versatile. Touch the sign to change the craft to a doubles or one for Tinies. Click the boat when you are in it for more options. It should automatically give you a paddle to use.

New Port Fun 04

The bumper boat rezzer has been here for a while. If you bump against others often enough the engine will go out and your boat will stop working for a while. Great fun for gaming with others. Touch the boat to change colors.

New Port Fun 05The teeny, tiny tug boat is new today. All the Escapades crafts are adjustable for avatar size.

Don’t let anyone tell you there is nothing to do in Second Life. Bay City is full of activities and I’m happy to contribute to the fun.


Just a girl in virtual places.

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