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A New Portal

A portion of my day yesterday was spent working on the mystery of Salazar Jack’s disappearance and I documented it on MySL. Here’s the collection (click pix to embiggen):

A new portal 01Making a new analysis of the stone used to make this post. My earlier assumptions may be wrong. If I get this right, I think I can make new stones. The material is the same composition as the stone around the Old Pomponio Volcano, but distribution through the structure is too regular, as if they were broken down and blended then formed into this shape. Think “concrete” but not using ordinary cement and aggregate, but using the stone from the volcano instead. Now I need to analyze the dirt in the center of this post. I suspect it may be from Grignano. Call it a hunch. The salts and minerals content is slightly off. I wonder if seawater was used in the slurry.

A new portal 02

Comparing feldspar proportions from the stone to this abandoned quarry in Albion.

A new portal 03

Granite is an equigranular matrix of hundreds of components in different concnetrations. One can compare these levels to find source locations.

A new portal 04

This *is* the source. This old quarry. Gotcha!

“But, Uccie!” you say. “The mottling of that material is too irregular! It would show in the final oblelisk.” To which I say, “Aha! Remember I mentioned this was used to make a more consistent mixture? It was broken down and refined.”

A new portal 05

The closer I get to the volcano center the less suitable the ejecta of past eruptions becomes. The spot I found was very old.

A new portal 06

Too many places in Grignano to test for soil. I wish I chould think of someone to ask.

A new portal 07

I wonder if these posts that Salazar made ….

The search continues and I firmly believe that re-creating the experiment that led to Salazar’s disappearance is important. Yesterday’s research leads me to believe that I can create new posts to match the last surviving one (see first pic) for this task.


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