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The Death of Virtual World Collaboration

Trying to have a very good day. I mean, it’s Topless Tuesday, right? I had the idea to visit Nautilus Beach Club (SLurl), a furry nude beach that is quiet lovely, for my picture this week. Being a furry – particularly in my Maine Coon Cat avatar – cheers me up and I’ve been far too serious with my Topless Tuesday images of late. So I was thinking about the shot and eating some Froot Loops (squirt some strawberry syrup in with the milk .. yum!) and reading some of the news sites when one story told me that creativity in 3D virtual spaces was now dead.

“Imagine if the company that built the most successful video game store offered a platform where people could collaboratively build virtual worlds, and make a living from their contributions. Imagine the lengths they’d go, the amazing things they’d build, for that reward. I’d hate to think a poorly thought-out scheme could completely destroy that idea” (Gizmodo).

Yes. The (virtual) world is dead. Time to return to meatspace, everyone.

Unless a “study gives more validation to the theory that universe could be a hologram” (Circa News). The party is back on! Everyone get furry!

Click to embiggen or see it on Flickr.
Click to embiggen or see it on Flickr.

The universe probably isn’t a hologram. Virtual worlds aren’t dead. And I sure as Hell don’t think that video game mods are the only place people can be creative and make money. Wake up and smell the coffee (or other caffeinated beverage of your choice), Second Life thrives. My whole avatar is a mod, re-texturing a chinchilla to be a cat, adding body parts, etc. If I had talent (that’s the key to making mods … talent) I could make the bits myself.

Talent, creativity, whatever doesn’t start and stop with mods, though. Look what I went through to make the picture above.

Click to embiggen or see it on Flickr.
Click to embiggen or see it on Flickr.

Taking a very nice avatar picture in Second Life has the same creative process as a Real Life fashion shoot: location, lighting, wardrobe, make up, hair, pose, props, etc. Each of those steps requires a talent. Many people are much better with Windlight settings than I am, for example.

For this paragraph, just assume I’ve written trenchant and pity comments about impatient, youthful gamers who wouldn’t know …. anyway … just assume.

Everything in Second Life is collaboration. Our World is truly what we make of it. Today, I make it Topless Tuesday. Have a happy one.


Just a girl in virtual places.

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