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Avatar Draw Weight on Caturday

For a while I’ve been lusting after the Static Holophase mod for the Blue Galaxian Feline so when I saw it cost below sticker price I leaped. The mod process is easy and I was very pleased to find that textures for Materials (bump and shiny!) were included. It occurred to me when I was running amuck in the finished avatar on Linden Realms yesterday that the Materials textures might be adding to lag by increasing my Avatar Draw Weight (AKA Avatar Render Cost or ARC). This is a number that indicates the strain your avatar puts on the viewer – yours and the viewers of others – to render your avatar.

Left: With Materials. Right: Without Materials (Full Bright added per mod maker's instructions).
Left: With Materials. Right: Without Materials (Full Bright added per mod maker’s instructions).

So I hit the Sandbox this morning and removed the bump and shiny maps then made the comparison above. Both avatars are in the red, which means that they are a high load on the graphics processors, but removing the eye candy saved a mere 840 points. At this level, I don’t see that as significant.

The appearance difference is substantial, though. I rather like the Full Bright, particularly in dark places like Linden Realms. I can see myself using both. Now the big question:

Keep the extra, non-Material parts in my Inventory, thus giving it a bit more bloat or ditch them and put up with the inconvenience of editing the Material parts to be Full Bright as desired?

Both the avatar and the mod kit can be found in the Blue Galaxian region (SLurl).


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