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Sitting in Linden Realms

Sometimes I like to just sit in Linden Realms and enjoy the scenery. This little game within a not-game is really quite lovely with full graphics, shadows, and the region Windight. If you have trouble running the best graphics options in Second Life you might have a better chance in Linden Realms thanks to the low lag.

Running in LR 24 APR 2015_001
The area around the Green Cannon is rich in Orange Crystals. In the time it takes for a new Green Crystal to spawn somewhere, I can gather enough Orange ones to more than triple the value of a Green one. I don’t get the point in Camping.

But if you sit anywhere, be very careful as there’s a new anti-Camper measure in effect. I don’t go into details because there is a way to defeat it, but if you sit for two minutes your avatar will be booted Home by the Death Volume, a surprisingly cute angry cloud. These are the same ones that will kill you if you are flying, running super-speed scripts, or doing other nefarious things.

I’m sure that Campers who simply sit and wait for high-value crystals will eventually find the loophole, but as I was recently told, this new rules-enforcement shows The Lab is working on making the game more fair for everyone. While writing this blog post I stood near the cannon in the picture and occasionally running to grab three orange crystals that would rez nearby. Each time I moved to avoid being booted I noticed that the crystals didn’t always come back at regular intervals and they would usually be in slightly different locations. Too much regularity aids the Campers so hopefully this is another change.

Many thanks to LR Linden and the rest of the team for all their hard work.


Just a girl in virtual places.

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